Anybody from Central Indiana

Looking for knitters in Central Indiana to swap patterns and ideas for new projects. Love to knit dishcloths of any kind. grmpookie

I live in Greenwood area. I just joined this group today. I am intermediate level, mostly hats, scarves, and 2 prs socks. Have just started my first sweater!

I’m in Fishers, IN (NE of Indy, outside I-465 loop).

I like to think I am an intermediate knitter but question myself every time I start a new pattern.

Since being unemployed for nearly two years, I knitted/crocheted tons of dishcloths last year for Christmas gifts so I may have patterns or links for your use, grmpookie (if you’re still on the forum).

Socks are my next “to do” but am not happy with my knitting technique. Think I’ll have to take classes at the local knit shop. I have some really nice hand dyed fingering yarns waiting to be used! Would be a shame to let them sit in my drawers).

Current project(s): bulky vest, 1/4 pair of socks, 1/2 dishcloth (rip out error), 3/4 scarf and tons of stash screaming for attention! :teehee: