Any video tutorials to learn crochet?

Hi all,

I’ve recently been addicted to making baby blankets and I’ve seen a majority of them are crocheted. I was just wondering if there are any tutorials like how Amy made for knitting to learn how to crochet.


If you search you will find so many… just type in “crochet” and you will be amazed! and then there is a website… i think thats it. there are the basics there too!
This is a good site for videos too…

If you want to part with a little cash you can always but a dvd on I taught myself to Crochet. The sites already mentioned are excellent. has help but no videos.

They have upclose stitches and alot of different type of stitches. it is it helped me sooo much. i hope it does the same for you.

Hi- has a section (left side of the page) under their Community part of the menu that is called “Stitching Help”. It has lists of stitches with diagrams and Quicktime videos that shows you how to do each stitch. I use it when I can’t find stitches in my book and I highly recommend it.


There’re some videos here too.

I use nexstitch (sp?) too!

Hass Design has videos but no sound. There is also information on stitch names if you live in USA, UK or Japan
and the pattern you are using comes from one of these countries.