Any time you want to feel better about your knitting

Just have a look at this… or this.

And take comfort in the fact that you will probably NEVER (ever) make anything THAT bad.

OMG You should have included a warning! Don’t click link before you’ve had coffee and are awake enough to know it’s not a nightmare!

I wonder why some things ever get knit. That’s scary.

I wonder where they find idiots who will actually agree to put this stuff on, have it photographed, and then shown to the whole world online.

Metrosexual you think? Cuz my hubby would NEVER agree to wear anything like this crap. In fact, he won’t even wear a knitted sweater!!

Ye gods - what horrors are visited upon the world in the name of fashion… :zombie:

Why that’s the wave of the future!! Where is your fashion sense??:rofl:

That’s just absurd. Why waste the time and money to put on such a show?

And to think that those models made good money to show this stuff. They deserve the bucks. Just wonder how much money the knitters made.

OMG, that is pretty bad.

it’s called a PAYCHECK

I seem to remember seeing a knitted pair of man’s shorts with an “elephant trunk” thing-um-y at the front (no need to explain what it was encasing). now THAT made me shudder.

It gives new meaning to the term “Boyfriend Sweater” ! :teehee: Now if this Fashion Show had been titled “101 Reasons to Break Up”, or “Why I broke up with my girlfriend!”…those sweater fashions would be hilarious. As is, they’re just darn scary, wrong on many levels!