Any Thimble Users Out There?

I have been an avid quilter for several years, but I needed and took a long break from it this year because of burn out. During that time I taught myself to knit and I’m now finishing my seond pair of socks.

I knit continental style. I think that is what it is called. However, I use my right pointer finger to push the needle tip back after removing my worked stitch. This is causing me to end up having worked a small split in that finger tip.

I was thinking that a flexible leather thimble or maybe those clear stick on thimbles might work well to help protect my finger tip. Do any of you use a thimble or other item to protect your finger from ingury? If you do, what method do you use?

I considered using one when I first started but once I loosened my stitches up I no longer needed to.

There was also a time when my left thumbe nail was used, but again with loosening my stitches and relying on my needle to pull the weight I no longer have any “proof” that I knit.

I think a leather needle wopuld be best however. :slight_smile:

Best to you. And welcome to Knitting.

i dont use one for knitting, but have a favorite for sewing. i love some i got years ago that are a leather loop with plastic. they’re for the fleshy part of your finger rather than the top. they are so comfortable that i would forget i had one on.

here’s a link: