Any Supernatural fans want to make some blankets for charity?

[I][B]SuperKnitural© – A Charity Project for Knitters and Fans of Supernatural[/B][/I]

So a bunch of us were joking about knitting Dean Winchester an afghan, since he seems to be napping a lot in Season 4. (Not to mention having all those nightmares of Hell!) The idea grew, and somehow we found ourselves launching a charity project. Since a lot of Supernatural fans seem to be knitters, and vice-versa, we thought we would have some fun and do some good at the same time.

[B]Here’s how it works:[/B] Just knit three 7 x 9” squares and mail them to me,[U]Wendy[/U]. (Details on yarn, pattern, etc. to follow.) When enough squares have been made, I’ll assemble them into afghans. We’ll make two for the stars of the show, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. The others will be donated to Blankets for Canada in honor of the cast and crew of Supernatural. Blankets for Canada is a non-profit, non-denominational organization that donates blankets to the homeless and others in need. We chose them to honor the crew of the show, since Supernatural is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. (For more information, please see their web site at

So that’s it. Our deadline is January 31. The project is open to everyone – beginning knitters, advanced knitters, even non-knitters! Obviously, the more squares we get, the more blankets we can donate. So please spread the word and let’s get knitting!

[U][B]SuperKnitural© Instructions[/B][/U]

If you’re a beginning knitter, this pattern will be right up your alley. If you’re advanced, it’s an opportunity to go a little crazy. If you’ve never knit before, here’s your chance to give it a go! If you’re a non-knitter but want to help, you can still make a financial donation to Blankets to Canada, or to us to help cover shipping costs.

We’re asking everyone to knit three 7 x 9” squares. (Okay, okay, technically a square has equal sides. Think of it as a piece or section.)

[B]Gauge:[/B] 18 sts and 24 rows per 4 inches
[B]Needles: [/B] US size 8 or size necessary to obtain gauge
[B]Yarn: [/B] We’re suggesting Mission Falls 1824 Aran Wool, which can be found at your local yarn shop or online. (For information on 1824 wool and where to buy it, visit Mission Falls’ website at We prefer wool to acrylic because A) We’re yarn snobs, and B) Needy Canadians deserve wool, too! But feel free to substitute the worsted-weight wool of your choice.

[B]Colors:[/B] No chick colors for Dean! Seriously, we’re thinking black/grey shades for Jensen (to go with the Metallicar, “Back in Black,” etc), brown/green for Jared (to match his pretty eyes), and cheerful colors for the charity afghans.

[B]Pattern:[/B] Your choice. If you’re a beginner, try a simple garter stitch (knit every row) or stockinette stitch (alternate knit and purl). If you’re advanced, the only limit is your imagination. If you’ve never knit a stitch, just sit down with a knitter friend or visit your local yarn shop—we love to get other people hooked on knitting, and most of us have extra needles and huge stashes of yarn to get you started. Here’s a good resource:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or reply here. Please link this post to anyone that would like to participate.

Also, if you don’t have the time to knit 3 squares then that’s no problem! Send 1 and if you want to get together with friends and have them send 1 each then that’s great too! There’s no pressure to send 3.

Thanks, and keep watching Supernatural!
© SuperKnitural, 2008