Any Sock KAL 3

Dustina’s computer is on the fritz so she asked me to start a new uncluttered thread for your sock discussion! The old will still be available as a read only if you need to find some old posts or info. :thumbsup:

So I guess after 1200+ pages of the anysock2 and over 12k posts it was time…boy we’re a chatty bunch. Thanks Jan. Dustina I hope your computer is back to normal soon!

So this is our new home… so let’s see if we can fill it up!!! :cheering:

:tap: Hey as a guy I like clutter

Dustina, we miss you! Hope your computer gets fixed soon! KH needs to get you an i-phone app!

They’d have to get her an iphone too, :teehee: I think she still has Verizon, they dont have the iphone (yet) and so she needs a blackberry KH app…I have a droid & would love a KH app… Sheldon???

I have Verizon, too. Nothing fancy, though. Just talk and text.

I’ve got Verizon talk and text too.

So I got a vacation this weekend: we went to my cousin’s graduation and then down to the lake. My dad’s uncle (who last month was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months) died Sunday in the early morning - apparently he wasn’t in pain until the last couple of hours (and of course then they put him on morphine). His son can’t get back (from California) until next week so they’ve postponed the funeral (sparking a bit of family drama, but whatever), so we got to finish our trip. The weather was a little cloudy and drizzly at first but lovely yesterday. We had a good time with the cousins who own the resort, caught some fish for once… toasted marshmallows over the second most pathetic fire I’ve ever seen (and the first one was built from graham cracker boxes and partially dried kelp).

And today, I drove, and drove, and drove… looking forward to my own bed tonight!

And this saturday I’m hoping to get back down to St. Louis to the Ren faire and WBS! It’s a two hour drive or so each way, not too bad!

Today I weighed in at 165.4 so I’ve now lost 19 lbs.! No cigarettes since March 21, 2010 so I am nicotine free! I am on the last week of oxicontin (5 mg at night), then I will be narcotic free! I nearly lost my mind and probably my marriage doing all this but I am sort of coming back to “normal”. I am going for couples counselling, trauma counselling, addiction counselling and we hope to walk out the other side of this mess as better people. Believe me, I need all the support I can get! Thanks my KH family!!! :hug:

I think Frank is a understanding enough person that the marriage will stand, but the counseling and the talking out of feelings is a very good idea. Even the best understanding can get lost in the heat of the moment. Frank still have the hots for you or is that a different type of heat? :shrug:

Just remember to meet Frank at the door every so often in that special outfit you have. :oops:

He’s understanding but sometimes tempers flair and things get said in the heat of the moment that should not be said. I try to walk away when he gets like this, but he follows me from room to room yelling. He will have to learn to control that and just walk away until he is calm and can talk it out rationally. The counselling should help us both.

He claims he still does Chris. Did I tell you he has lost 25 lbs.? He is looking pretty hot himself! I don’t have that outfit right now, I could not get it on by myself! LOL!!! :woohoo:

I don’t think that getting the outfit on is what Frank wants. :noway:

:yay: ANY SOCK KAL 3:yay:

She has a good attitude!

Jessica has a day where she’s feeling … really good about her life.

Her parents let her stand on the countertops. No wonder she likes everyone so much. I only got to stand on the counter when something wonderful and exciting was about to happen, or when nobody was around to see.

Hi my socksters! :hug:

Thank you so much Jan for setting this up :hug:

Thank you Christine for getting a hold of me and letting me know how full the other one had gotten :hug:been praying for you and Frank

Gina I miss you guys too…Julie is right we only have Verizon around here. I can get on some with the blackberry to take care of spam but looking and posting on the forum takes some work.

Emily hope you are having a good weekend!

Julie I don’t think that is in the works…I do think iphone works on KH though… and you can view the videos now…we need verizon to get the iphone!

Jackie-so glad to see ya

Chris-hope you are doing good

So first I lost my Eee pc and then JD lost his…with his crazy work week though he hasn’t had time to really focus on it. He just decided to tear out the hard drive and put windows 7 on it…it worked…at first he just tried a hard drive that didn’t work :teehee:…then he got mine going. Mom got her a Dell notebook but didn’t like the size so got her a bigger one, I told her she should return the notebook but she said it was too late she told me she wanted me to have it . :happydance:I’m hoping I can do pictures on it that way I can blog without having to run downstairs to JD’s computer :teehee:

Life is still crazy here I’m trying to get things wrapped up at the school. Where our president kinda got to busy it has fell on my lap and an another officer’s to tie up things. I’m ready for next year to run smoothly and more organized.

We are also crazy with dance right now and I’ll be happy when it is over. I got Roo’s dress rehearsal schedule this week. The school isn’t very close to us and the way her 3 dances hit on the schedule it will leave no time to run home. We will be at the school from like 2-8. Mom will meet me there and take Isaiah to his 4H meeting since he is the host that night. Isaiah is busy with 4-H and getting his project ready… :teehee:

I think I’m going home after the recital, I need a just sit down and swing while you knit kind of week. Knit what is that?

We are also getting a horse, our own horse, along with Amish Henry’s colts. He will bring his this week to our pastures, I can’t wait! Our horse will come after it is gilded but that won’t be till the next full moon (that way it will heal faster :shrug:)

It has been rainy here and I’m ready for warm temps and some sun.

Miss you guys :hug:

Christine, you’re on the way to better physical, emotional and mental health! I’m SO glad you’re taking the right steps! Keep it up! Marriages go through ups and downs. It’s NORMAL. And getting help through the downs is the smartest thing you can do. It’s not the end of the marriage; it’s what makes it stronger if you do the work it takes to make it through the tough times. Strength to you, my friend!

Emily, sorry about your uncle. Glad you had a good time with your family, though.

Chris, you make me LOL!

Jackie!:woot: How are you?!?

Dustina, SO good to hear from you! Your life sounds crazy right now. We miss you here, but understand. Can you knit at dance rehearsals? How nice that you get your mom’s computer! And your own HORSE! WOW! We had a small gelding when I was a kid.

We have exams at school next week, and then my job is done. I’ll miss it. The kids have been good (for the most part). I had the best parent-teacher conference yesterday. Two of my students got zeros on an assignment because they were IDENTICAL in every way. Since they were clearly told it was for a grade, that’s a no-no. The dad wanted to talk with me, so the assistant principal and I met with him. I was nervous that the dad would be mad and demanding. Nope. He wanted to be sure that his son was not on downward slope in his character and wondered if he had cheated in other ways.

Well, I woke up this morning at 6 am to get going to St. Louis. It was foggy like crazy for about an hour and a half, and then I drove out into the sun. In the rearview mirror I could literally see a wall of fog.
It was hot, hot, hot out, but better than rain. Most of the faire was in the shade at least.
I got to say hi to a bunch of my old coworkers, which was great. I stopped at Varietees, a bird specialty store, and spent way too much money on three new perches (a cholla wood perch, a bamboo “manicure perch”, and a new applewood perch), a circle rope perch that might either be the start of a playstand or else hopefully work as a shower perch, and a bunch of pieces to make a handful of new toys (With a few feet of cotton rope and a handful of plastic bits, I can make a pile of toys for the cost of just one crappy pre-made toy).
At the ren faire, I bought a “door harp.” Picture a very small, four note dulcimer with four wooden balls hanging down, one to hit each note. It goes on a door so that when the door opens or closes, the notes play. The guy who sold it to me said he designed it (oh yeah, it’s hand made) because of an ancient belief that chimes at doorways would keep out evil spirits. It needs tuned but it’s really lovely (and I got a thinger to tighten or loosen the pins and tune it). The WBS show was good, as always.

As for the horse: So jealous! (though… I’m guessing you mean you’re getting him gelded? gilding typically means covering something in a thin layer of metal, whereas gelding is castration.) It’s been forever since I’ve gotten the chance to ride. I can’t find a place that is both nearby, and in my budget. I miss the barn that had a work-for-riding deal: I’d go out and spend my morning doing barn chores, usually get fed lunch, and then take a horse out for a ride in the afternoon.

Horses, geez!!! Sorry, I just had to say it!

Anyways, yesterday I was very jumpy and antsy so we got in the car and went to see hubby’s son. We had a good time, lots of laughs, he bought us supper and then we went to a park where there was a carousel! SO I RODE THE WHITE HORSE!!! I am a saddist or something! I had to successfully ride the white horse! It was fun!

Not much else happening for the rest of the weekend. It think DH will go get some laundry soap for me so we can do our laundry! I may try to knit too, we shall see how bad the anstyness is.

So yesterday was an exciting day in the world of my family. My grandma called my mom to let her know that she and Grandpa were going to the emergency room because Grandpa’s side hurt and he could hardly move, so mom went to drive them since Grandma just had surgery and neither one could drive. Grandma and Grandpa live less than two blocks from the local emergency room, but Grandpa wanted to go to the big hospital in Iowa City. So mom ended up giving in and taking him there. As it turns out, he has a broken rib, probably from weedwhacking at my uncle’s farm.

Grandpa’s sister called while they were waiting to find that out, and it turns out that she was supposed to go pick up my mom’s cousin who owns the resort at the Lake because one of her grandkids is having open-heart surgery tomorrow… but her husband was also in the emergency room, for a kidney stone. He’s OK now, and I assume that she is on her way home.

BTW, prayers are requested for Evan, the little boy (he’s 3 or 4 I think) who is having heart surgery tomorrow.

In the meantime, my dad went off to the recently deceased uncle’s funeral, because the previous day there were some hysterics and fisticuffs at the visitation. Mom arrived in time to beat the funeral procession (we live less than a block from the cemetery) so that she could get showered and make herself presentable for the luncheon after.

And I thought it was exciting that I’m going shoe shopping this afternoon…