Any Sock KAL 2

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Welcome to Any Sock KAL 2!![/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]If you enjoy knitting socks or would like to learn how, then feel free to join in. We love to chat about socks, knitting, and everyday things. You will find tips here as we’ll as links for buying the gorgeous sock yarns that are out there now. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]This KAL was started as Any Sock KAL, but due to the large number of posts in that thread, we have decided to start this one (and lock the other thread). [/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Please join us in knitting those addicting things we call socks…:happydance: [/SIZE][/FONT]

Ok, I know people will vary on this and some of you will like dpns best. But, I am trying to get an idea of what I want to try next. Also, what length needles for 2 circulars if doing 2 socks at the same time?

Hi birdwomn, I’ve only tried 2 circs one time…and I had one that was 24" and one that was 16" (cause Knit picks doesn’t have a 20")…that way it was easy for me tell needle 1 apart from needle 2…

I really like using magic loop and use a 24" cable for that…sometimes I still find myself drawn to the dpns :teehee:

:clink: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=5][COLOR=teal]WOOHOOOO!!! I b here:thumbsup: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#008080]How kewl is that that we need to start a “chapter 2” of the sock knitting adventure we all so love!!! [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#008080]Hiya bird,[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#008080]Welcome to “chapter 2”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#008080]I would use any size that accomodates your stitches and still have some for your “goat udders” cat bordhi reference, you had to be there!!:noway: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Hi BirdWmn,
I’m actually knitting 2 socks using Magic Loop on a 32" Options. It works, but longer might be easier. I prefer ML to 2 circs cuz with 2 circs I kept picking up the wrong needle to knit with. :wall: Can’t do that with ML.:slight_smile:


I am doing my very first ever pair of sox. For my first time trying knitting in the round, I am making a pair of tube sox. This will get me the practice I need for knitting in the round and then the next pair I knit will have a heel and gusset. I am almost finished the ribbing and will soon start into the stockinette stitch.

Thanks for letting me join!

Welcome Bird! I have to say I like the ml method best w/a 32" options. My whole reason is so I dont loose needles-w/3 little ones & all. I tried 2 circs, didnt like…& occasionally I go back to my dpn.
Welcome The.Knitter!
Dustina: way to go with chapter 2!
Well I took a break from dh’s socks and went to Target with Caitlin & used a giftcard from Christmas and got a Bumbo chair for her. I’m excited because its the first/only thing that’s hers and not a hand me down from the other two and she seems to like it & I’m sure she’ll like it with the more head controll she gets and once she can really play with toys she’ll love to sit in it. Besides this spring/summer when we’re outside planting stuff I’ll want her to have something to sit in so she’s not eating dirt. Though the Irish saying goes something like-you have to eat a lb of dirt before you die. Ok back to sock knitting. It’s dark and cold and windy outside-good day to curl up on the couch/chair with a movie and kids and knit. happy knitting.

Ooh, I just had to share a new podcast I found. It’s grammar girl. (Okay, so I’m a geek.) It’s not at all dry and boring like you might think. It’s quick and dirty grammar/writing tips that can make me sound smarter! :whistle: It’s worth trying, right!?!:aww:

Hi Socksters,

My tip for new sock knitters is to check out Silver’s Sock Tutorial.

I have tried Magic Loop doing two socks at once using both 32" and 40" and two-24" circs. I like doing toe-up the best using the Figure 8 Cast On and EZ Sewn Bind Off. Notice I didn’t mention Double Pointed Needles DPNs…never tried them except to make icords.

Please feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments. This is a great group and if we don’t know the answer someone will try to find it for you.

[B][I]Question of the Day: [/I][/B] What is your favorite sock method?

Sock on, :waving:

wow, see how fast we r moving…

Welcome, The.Knitter! Glad to have you here!:hug: What method for circular knitting are you using?

Thanks all for your nice comments on my socks in chapter one. Also noted in chapter one: my dyeing adventure. Well, I’ve been untangling for 2 days now (total of 6 hours I guess) and I’ve got about 60 gram done, so only 40 to go. The other 2 skeins are almost dry and look really how I wanted them. I can’t wait to knit with one of them, but I think the tangled yarn will be first. After so much work, I’m really comitted to it.

Good Morning Socksters!! :happydance:

The.Knitter~That’s great!! I can’t wait to see your tube socks…before you know it you will be addicted to socks just like the rest of us :thumbsup:

Tami~Chapter 2 :cool:

Julie~ :rofl: pound of dirt :rofl: …I’m hoping the smaller size will fit me better of her patterns…I usually CO around 56 sts…

Gina~Thanks I’ll have to give them a listen :thumbsup:

Carla~how is all your kal knitting doing :teehee:

Jackie~ How are you guys doing?

Lieke~:passedout: no way could I do that…I can’t wait to see what you make from it!!

QOTD: MY favorite sock method is…prolly still dpns and cuff down…I do like a short row heel…and I do enjoy magic loop as well but there is still a strange hold my dpns have over me :teehee:

Well I worked on my mom’s socks last night while enjoying a Hallmark movie and I’m to the toe :woohoo: …I can mark them off my to finish list hopefully this afternoon…then I can start a mitten or a glove…I need to CO for a Cookie sock so I can get on in another KAL drawing :teehee: …might do twinkle toes in a heavy weight…

I gotta do my usually Monday cleaning before I can but I hope you all have a good day of sock knitting!! :yay:

Lieke: You sure do have a mess to untangle-good luck. What kind of yarn was that that you’re dying? It’s pretty. I’m really curious to see how it knits up into socks, as I’m sure you are too.

Dustina: I watched the Hallmark movie too-what a tear jerker?!

Jacob is still not getting better, his cough is wet now-not a dry croupy cough & every afternoon for the last 8 days he has had a fever, not to mention reg cold symptoms. So as soon as it’s 8am I’m calling the dr. office to get him a same day appt today. sigh. Probably wont get much knitting done today-o well.
happy knitting all!

Phew! Made it to the new thread! :slight_smile:
I have only done one sock at a time so far on DPNs although I would LOVE to learn 2 socks at once since I am an instant gratification kind of girl. :slight_smile:

I finished sock 1 in the KP Felici Hummingbird last night and hope to CO for the second one tonight. Will try to get a pic up also.

Morning Socksters,

Birdwomn, There really isn’t much difference between using 2 – 24” circs versus doing Magic Loop on a 40” circ. With the 2 – 24” you have more needles hanging around and you have the costs of buying 2 pairs, the ML you’re just pulling the needles more.

The.Knitter, how’s the sox coming along?

Julie, I really like your new do. You are such a cutie!!! Hope the docs can help little Jacob. I just picked up a scratchy throat and cough…I hardly ever get sick. I think its this crazy weather. Today it is suppose to be 60’s last week it was teens.

Gina, there is a brand new podcast called “Knit Together”. They are two Christian women from Springfield, Missouri. I really enjoyed their first three episodes. I downloaded a bunch of podcasts this weekend and will go through and weed out the ones I don’t like. Yup, there are several…either the sound is bad, boring, or not enough knitting/crocheting info. There are plenty to listen to without having to listen to those.

Jackie, I have to quit going to your blog…I always seem to crave pannycakes.:mmm:

Lieke, you are much more patient than me…but the colors are fun.

Dustina, the Hemlock Ring is coming along nicely. I didn’t get to knit much this weekend…none on my poms. What mitten pattern are you going to use?

JamOknit, can’t wait to see pics.

Hoping to work on my hemlock this afternoon. Now that I got my name and blog changed. I finally just put a link from the old blog to my new one temporarily. I’ve joined some KAL with the old link. I tried to notify everyone that I could think of…not that there is actually anyone that has bookmarked my blog. What a pain!

Sock on,:waving:

Here they are! The first pair I’ve finished since Oct! The pattern is from Favorite Socks, Its the Retro Rib pattern. The yarn is Tofustsies, I don’t know which colorway it is.

I know exactly what the deal-io is with them dpn’s. It’s that seductive clickety-snick, going round n round dizzily, until we are totally mesmerized!!!:zombie:
:passedout: LOL!!!

Thanks Carla! Hope you get better soon.

Alex, nice socks!

Well we just got back from the doc. and she doesn’t know what’s going on with him. She said it’s not an infection she can see, like ear or sinus or strep so she ordered amoxicillian and we’ll try that. She said that if he gets the fever again today and tomorrow afternoon for me to call her back, she’ll be in tomorrow afternoon and then she’s gonna order blood work &/or x-rays. sigh. I’m praying that it’s fixed with the antibiotics. He hasn’t been on any in so long that I couldn’t remember the last time he was on any, or Bailey for that matter. I do have to rant about Walgreens though…grrrrrrrrrrrrr. The doc faxed the perscription over, then we left and got gas-30-40 min later we got to Walgreens and they still hadn’t pulled it off the fax machine and there wasn’t anyone in line inside, a few at the drive up but hello?! Anyway she put me as a waiter and said it’d be 30 minutes to fill it-I"m not dragging 3 kids inside and didn’t want to have to come home and unbundle them and then bundle them all back up again-I’m a little annoyed. Anyway it’s been 35 min now so I’m gonna bundle everyone back up and get everyone buckled up again and venture out into the terribley windy day. 35-45mph gusting to 50-yuck!

I think so fibrenut! about the dpn, I agree they’re seductive.