Any sewing machine brands to recommend?

Hi, I am looking for an easy-to-use sewing machine that I can make clothes with and was wondering if anyone had any good brands of sewing machines to recommend that I can get for a reasonable price?

I live in Germany so it would be good if they are brands which are sold internationally. :wink:

Thank you for any suggestions!


PS. What do you think is better; electronic or regular sewing machines?

HMM - I have no idea what brands are sold internationally and which are not. My mother has an old old Singer that she adores and has never had any trouble with. I have a newer Brother that works for the simple projects I do. I have a Pfaff 2 needle surgery that I bought second hand that seems to be a well built machine - I believe it is a swiss brand so may be easier to find overseas.

As for electronic or not…I tend to think that the more gadgets you have on a machine the more there is to break. I don’t do any machine embroidery etc so I have a bare bones basic machine.

For reasonably priced, I think you can’t go wrong with Janome. You get a lot of features for a much smaller price tag than say, Bernina (which, if you can afford it, is HIGHLY recommended!) or Pfaff.

I own an older (circa 1961) Bernina 530 Record which I purchased at a thrift store for $35 and I love it. It is not fancy by today’s standards but it does a beautiful stitch and is very easy to operate.

A newer machine is nice too, because you can cool features like one-step buttonholers, even on less expensive machines. If you are going to do garment sewing, I would definitely advise getting that feature!

Here is a site which should give you all the help you need and then some.

This is one of my favorite sites-I’ve been sewing for years and years, and this is a comprehensive site reviewing not just patterns but also sewing machines/sergers etc. The Message forum also has a section dedicated to machines.

Good luck!

I love my Pfaff.
I have a very, very basic model (no electronics) but it sews beautifully and has features that some more expensive models don’t, including a “walking foot,” which lets you feed difficult fabrics such as silk and denim evenly.

Of course, with a name like Pfaff, it’s available in Germany.

As for electronic vs mechanical machines, it depends on how you are going to use it. The electronic machines do miraculous things with embroidery and embellishment, but it takes a while to learn how to use the features. And if something goes wrong with the internal computer, it can be disastrous. Mechanical machines have fewer features, but they do everything you need to make clothing, including buttonholes, seam finishing and some fancy stitches. If something goes wrong, a neighborhood sewing machine repairman can usually fix it without great expense.

If I were buying sewing equipment now, I’d get a middle-of-the-line mechanical machine, less basic than mine but still reasonably priced and easy to learn. That’s because I’m more interested in clothing construction than embellishment. And possibly a serger. If I were making a lot of curtains, bedspreads and other large, heavy items, I’d look for an industrial machine, which are extremely fast and powerful but don’t do anything fancy unless you buy extra attachments.

I have a Janome I bought about 18 years ago and I love it. Never had to have it repaired. Just had it cleaned and adjusted by the shop where it was purchased once every few years. I use it to sew just about everything. It is just a sewing machine but I can quilt with it or just sew a dress, etc.

I just want to add that I agree wholeheartedly with everything knitasha said about which machine, electronic/computerized or mechanical. She gives very good advice!


I have BROTHER machines and I love them. I’ve never had a problem. One is a sewing machine and the other an embroidery machine. I got both from…

If you’re in Germany, you must look at the Pfaff. They’re wonderful machines.

Singer and Brother are other reliable brands.

I have Husqvarna, one of the simpler models (Daisy something), not electronic and i love it! Made in Sweden, so i guess you’ll have it in Germany.

I have a Husqvarna as well. Mine is the Huskystar (model C10 I believe). It has a lot of different, pretty stitches, and very easy to use. It came with a bunch of different feet, plus I got to choose 2 extra for free plus classes on how to use the machine for free. That was at a Joann’s super center. I don’t know if you may be able to get a similar deal where you are. Poor thing is buried under a mountain of yarn at the moment and hasn’t seen the light of day for some time…

Actually in the past year Husqvarna Viking started having most of their lower end machines made in China. It’s very sad because it used to be if you bought a simple viking or a complex one you would still have Swedish built quality. I just bought a Viking a month ago that is a design being closed out, still made in Sweden, the few dealer had very few Swedish made machines left and had new Chinese ones coming in. She wasn’t pleased with the quality of the Chinese ones at all. They have been brought in for repair. They came with cheap needles instead of the usual quality. Mine is a Platinum 755 and was very expenisve, but on sale as well. I love it!

I have more sewing machines that i need! my two favorites…a husqvarna viking 350–it’s about 11 years old. a very good, “electronic” machine…not super fancy, but sewing beautifully, and a 1937 singer featherweight…the most perfect straight stitch ever!

don’t discount a good used machine. many of them are “work horses” and will last a lifetime.

i’m sad to hear about husqvarna outsourcing to china… not a good thing!!

betsey (i like my sewing machines like i like my cars…swedish!)

My DH just got me a Janome for Christmas. I really do like the machine. Lots of features for the price, about 600USD. He also looked at Bernina but they were over 2000USD here and he knew I wouldn’t want him to spend that much.

You might be able to get Bernina for less in Germany and Janome, for that matter.

Good luck looking.


I am using Brother CS7000X sewing and Quilting machine of Brother brands. I just love this machine. This quilting machine under 500$ has all the sewing accessories and 3 most important Quilting feet.