Any scarf stitch pattern that will not curl?

Okay, I guess it looks like the stockinette stitch is going to curl. So…is thee a tried and true pattern stitch for a scarf that will not curl? I am going to try blocking the scarf I have started, but may just start over with a new pattern. Any suggestions? Thanks.

There are so, so many! One of our favorites around here is the Scrunchable Scarf.

You can do stockinette, though if you add a garter or seed stitch edge to it all the way around. Start with the first 5 rows with it, and add 5 stitches to the beginning and end of each row and you won’t get curl.

Here is a list of scarf patterns you can look through.

Thanks so much for quick replies and the link to the scarf patterns! I’ll be looking through them shortly! Marie :XX: