Any one needs acrylic yarns

Hellooo everyone I’m new in the forum and vvvv glad tht people are soo helpfull here
I have white acrylic 4 ply yarns lying with me I would love to give to people who can make ause of it
It chould be anyone plssss pm me I will post them or any of you who need it
Postage cost will be mine
Plssss pm me the addresss
God bless you all

I forgot to mention that some are new and some are used yarns

Check with knitting and crochet groups in your area, to see if any of them make lapghans for veterans. They use a lot of red, white, and blue yarns for them.

She’s in India, so I think the colors might be a little different…

But yes, perhaps there’s a group that knits things for local hospitals.

Oh dear! I didn’t even notice where she was from! Silly me.

Hello Disha,

Greetings from Israel!

I’d love to have some of your yarn but I already have enough stash hidden under the bed. My husband will have a fit if he sees a package of more yarn in the mail!

And, anyway, I seem to be a[FONT=Calibri","sans-serif]ccumulating yarn faster than knitting with it.[/FONT]

[FONT=Calibri",“sans-serif]Thanks for your kind offer,[/FONT]