Any one born in August?

August Birthday Swap

Check it out!

It says we must have a blog. Do you mean an other-than-KH-threadblog?

My birthday’s the 19th, but I don’t have a blog. :frowning: At least now I have some neat yarn I could swap though!

I do believe by ‘Blog’ that she means your own website. But have no fear! Setting up a blog is easy! Just go to and click on ‘Creat your own blog now’. You could make it into your knitting blog and post whatever you want, or you could only post Swap related info and updates on it. And a bonus – It’s free! Please join the swap! Everyone loves yarn for their birthday!

Yeah, but I don’t really want a blog. I have an online diary, and its readership is restricted. I appreciate the blogging movement, but I personally don’t fele the need for one. Otherwise, I’d join the swap regardless.

even though you aren’t joining, thanks for looking in to it!

:thinking: :?? My husband’s birthday is in August…does that count :wink: Just kidding…I don’t blog :smiley:

I DO blog, and my DH’s bd is in august…I’m a step closer than Rebecca!!! rofl… :heart: :heart: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:frowning: I wasn’t born in August. If they were doing one for June, I’d definately join in! :wink:

My birthday is Aug 9th, but I don’t have a blog, plus I’m a new knitter, so I don’t have much to swap. I just wanted to say “Hi” to all the fellow Aug B-day folks. :smiley:

Well, maybe I’ll start blogging & we’ll be even :wink:
:rofling: :roflhard:

Aylaanne, my birthday is the 19th too!!! :cheering:

…and I don’t have a blog either :smiley: