Any North Texas knitters out there?

I can’t be all alone up here (or down here). Isn’t there anybody on here from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

Yep -Richardson, Tx here.


And I must say, I ADORE your icon.

Adam Everett, hmm…
I hope that he gets to play in St. Louis or Cincy.
I’m a Brad Ausmus girl. :heart:
Anyway, my husband’s family all live in Waco.
No any Felton’s?
I live in the country not to far from Frisco, Texas.

My 6 year old LOVES Brad Ausmus. :heart:

Ive only been here since 2006…DH might know them…

Hello, I’m in the Denton area too. Just joined this board tonight. I’ve crocheted for years and now I want to learn to knit. A while back I bought a book and learned how to cast on and do some knit and purl. Need to get that book out again and get serious about it.

I’m from there! Actualy, more around the carrollton area. But still. You get the idea.

Have you been to the Woolie Eweyet? It is a wonderul yarn shop in Plano.
And up your way is Leef Blumenstiel - owner of Apple Leef Farms. She has a lovely shop that covers many of the fiber arts - including spinning and weaving. It is well worth the trip to see her.

Oh, that little farm looks so inviting. I’ve always wanted to watch someone spin yarn.
And I have been to The Woolie Ewe once.
I’d love to go back. I had just learned to knit when I popped in there and I was so overwhelmed by the selection and underwhelmed by my knitting skills.

Hey “too much”: I live about 12 miles east of Denton. Maybe we could get together. I made a poncho last year and I never finished it because it calls for rows of crochet on the edges. I don’t know what it is, but I cannot understand crochet. :??

I can help with that. I live in Argyle and I know where Crossroads is. Maybe we can meet somewhere in Denton.

Sounds good, Julie. PM me some time.
We could meet in Denton.



I am in the Plano area. Learned to knit about 6 months ago and love it.

I live out in Abilene. I wish i had a LYS other than the big chain stores. DFW is a 3 hr drive for me so I make do with Knit Picks and the chain stores

I’m new to this site and new to knitting and looking forward to learning a lot from you all!


I’m in Jefferson, Tx. That’s north EAST texas… does that count? LOL. I’m about 3 hours east of dallas!


Is Jefferson anywhere near Canton? I’ve always wanted to go to that trade days thing they have out there. My dh doesn’t sound very excited about though…

Have you been to the Woolie Ewe yet? I :heart: that shop. They have an amazing selection (can be overwhelming at first) and are a group of lovely and helpful people.

I’m about 2 hours east of canton. We went there this month actually. It was huge! I’d like to go again, but this time leave my son at home with his daddy :slight_smile:


Yes, I have been to the Woolie Ewe. I actually took the Beginning and Intermediate Knitting classes there. I haven’t been in a while though. Trying to resist the urge to buy more yarn…

Hi Christine,

I’m an hour NE of Abilene, so I come to town every so often to shop. My husband works out of state alot, so any time I go see him, I’m always looking for “real” knitting shops. When I do end up in the DFW area, I always forget about the little shop in Bedford. I wish someone would put a knitting store in Abilene!