Any New KAL 2017?

Hi Guys, breifly have been looking online can’t seem to find any new KAL’s maybe it’s because it is late in the year. But I am itching for a new challenge, any one know of anything? Maybe it’s time I create an all year round knitting challenge for myself lol !

I’ve seen a couple of MKALs (mystery knit alongs) lately:
including one from Knit Purl Hunter:
They’re just starting up for the fall.

ETA: I just read about this KAL from last year in the Mason Dixon newsletter. It’s a blanket of mostly intarsia squares in honor of last year’s Park Service centennial. All proceeds from the sale to the National Park Service.

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Thank you! After I put this post up there was a mystery knit uploaded by my favourite designer! Which I am about to find my needles for! :smiley: I will have a look at those KALs :sunny:

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Oh, good one! Marianna’s designs are so nicely done and adorable.