Any national capital region knitters (Gatineau/Ottawa)?

I’m fairly new to the area, well not so new I’ve been here a year.

It’d be cool to find a group or people who are into knitting that live around here. I’m a new mom so I am at home for the forseeable future, so I’ll be online a fair bit.


Hey Sassy!

I don’t recall having seen anybody from Ottawa/Gatineau on the forum but maybe they just hide! There seems to have very good yarn stores in your area (yarn forward, wool-tyme), so there has to be some groups of knitters around you! :slight_smile:

I’m in Montreal right now, but I am looking for jobs in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. So who knows! :cheering:

hey there
I live in Vancouver right now as I’m going to school here, but my parents live in Ottawa (Orleans to be precise). THe year i moved out, a fabulous yarn store moved in a few blocks from where I lived called “Wool N THings” … what luck!

Hi Sassy,
I’m fairly new to the forum (and knitting) and I am also in Ottawa. It’s nice to see another knitter in the area.

i’m in Hull. I can’t read anything in the message section of these mails. everything is black. how can i fix this?