Any Monk Fans Out There?

I’m just curious. I had seen the show a few times occasionally, but never watched it regularly until last season. I really enjoy it. And now, they are showing old repeats during the day on USA. Some of them I’ve already seen, but not many.

Anyway, I was just curious if there are others out there who watch this show.

I like Monk a lot. I like the older episodes better than the more recent ones cause I liked his assistant better in the originals shows. I think that they played up his OCD less and made him seem less pathetic. The newer versions make him seem like an idiot savant instead of a mildly obsessive and distracted genius.

But I still find myself unable to change the channel if it’s on.

ME!! ME!! I love Monk and really feel like ALL of us have a little “Monk” in us! :teehee:

I’ve been watching it since the beginning and Monk is still one of my favorite shows! :thumbsup:

I like the new assistant better than the old one, although I thought the original one was terrific too!

With a lot of shows that run for many years, some of the characters seems to be written with less depth (and generally not for the better), and this one is no different, but for the most part, I still enjoy it.

I watch and enjoy the show as well… although sometimes I feel like I am watching an adult version of Encyclopedia Brown… if anyone remembers that series of books… :rofl:

Funny! I just started watching this show about a week or so ago. DH and I were sick with colds on a Saturday and they were having a Monk marathon and DH has watched it once in a while but I thought it was a bit strange before I watched the marathon…now I like it a lot!

He plays that character so well. It’s a great show! :thumbsup:

Oh, I love Monk! I especially like Ted Levine as Capt. Stottlemeyer. Hard to believe he played the serial kidnapper/killer Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs!

One the of the attorneys I work for reminds me a lot of Monk–lots of OCD characteristics-all our files have to be turned a certain way before they placed on his desk; blue ink pens can’t be mixed with black ink pens; if a page of paper is torn from a legal pad, it must have all its dangling bits from the perforation must be removed; all the peppermint candy in his desk must be turned seam side down and the end twist going east-west, not north-south. I could go on and on. :teehee:

BTW Ted Levine has swoonworthy blue eyes.:passedout:

I’m watching it right now! I think it is a great show. I also did not watch it on a regular basis, but now I’m hooked. Its great on Friday night, because Psych comes on after Monk.

I like the monk shows.
I agree, the later shows lessen his original character.

but…ocd is not a joke…not true ocd…

REEEALLY? He was buffalo bill, the crazy seamstress with the little dog?

I’ll have to look at Silence again sometime, with that in mind.

Love love Psych… cracks me up!

I really enjoy watching Monk and preferred the earlier episodes to the latest ones.

As the opening credits roll, there’s a pic taken at the top of a hill (hard not to do that in SF, I know) looking down at a street - there’s something beautifully still and peaceful about it. Reminds me alot of some of Edward Hopper paintings.

Ooo - I’ve just realised I’ve touched the computer keyboard with my BARE HANDS - and it’s not been sterilised for at least 15 minutes !!!:passedout:

Yours, having a touch of the vapours.


That is a very pretty scene. I’ve never been to SF, and when I first saw it, I thought he was standing on top of a building. DH is the one who told me it was a hill.

Thats one of my favorite shots also.

I did not realize the Captain was Buffalo Bill. Ewww! We just re- watched Silence of the Lambs not to long ago.

I used to watch Monk faithfully until Sheronah left the show :sad: . Now I watch it when I can catch it. I personally do not like Natalie and I don’t like the chemistry between Monk & Natalie.


I watch it when I see it on TV here. They had it on BBC1 a while back but I must have noticed too late because I only managed to watch a few episodes.

I really enjoy Monk! I haven’t caught it in a long time though! Monk is actually from a city very close to where I live. It is no surprise that he can play an OCD character so well - I think that behaviour is a big part of Wisconsin culture, believe it or not. Maybe not in the ways that the Monk character plays, but in others.

Haha, I think of that sometimes when I’m watching.

Yes! I love the show. Been watching from the beginning, and rarely miss an episode.

When Sharona (first assistant) left, I wasn’t pleased, but when Natalie (new assistant) showed up, I loved her so much more! I watch older ones now and wonder why I was so sad, heh. I really like Natalie. I even like her daughter, Julie, so much more, too. There’s something with her that makes Monk almost paternal, much moreso than with Sharona’s son Benji. I love all the characters, and even though some things have changed, even personality or origin-wise, it’s been rather slight, and this show is consistent with so much more than alot of other shows are.

…Though, really. Could it be any other way?

me to, I love monk, I just wish they had a longer season!.

I :heart: Monk. I like his new assistant better, she’s less irritating. But, I would love to see an episode where the first assitant came back for a visit.

He’s such a great character, and Tony Shalhoub plays him perfectly. He was born to be Monk.