Any men?

Just curious…are there any men on this board? the “stereotype” thread got me thinking…
knitting is also stereotypical of little old LADIES…not men.

SIL was telling me she is in this knitting group or soemthing like ah and there is a mens knitting group! i think that is awesome!!

We have men! Not many, but some. Hey guys!! Speak up!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Here’s a guy!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

OMG I think we have TONS of GREAT guys here! :heart:

Glen (above)
Joel (where has he been, btw?)
Aidan (also MIA for a bit!)
JGM (who should be getting ENGAGED this weekend! :cheering: )
Salvatore (although his posts are few and far between :frowning: )

Forgive me if I forgot anyone!

YAY! that makes me happy!!

here i are!!! :smiley:

here’s one of my fav blogs to read - and he’s a GUY!

Thanks Kelly :smiley:

Don’t forget Codiferous! Cody is an overacheiving high schooler from all accounts, we haven’t heard from him in a bit. And then, I think, there’s also loofnicnad, but he only shows up ocassionally.

OMG I KNEW Id forget someone! :oops: They are GREAT, too!!! :heart:

We have still more guys…SPEAK UP!! All quite talented :smiley: ! :cheering: :cheering:

Hey thats awesome there are guy knitters!!! :cheering:

My husband knits. But I don’t let him on the computer much. :wink:

That’s AWESOME! When did he learn? Did YOU teach him?

No guys in my family knit, but some crochet. I taught my dad last summer, but he stopped after five months. My brother(who is 19), wants to learn how to crochet, but I don’t think he’s really ‘up to it’.

But it’s great to know that guys are on here and that they knit! :smiley:

I watched something on TV one time about theres a knitting place somewhere in NY, its like a club where a bunch of people(men and women) get together and knit and make funky things. It’s honestly great that guys knit AND crochet. :slight_smile:

I have arrived! I am Aidan, resident male crocheter. I admit, knitting only interests me in theory. Though I did knit a ribbed scarf that is about 12 feet long. That has been my big accomplishment with knitting. Well, that and a few tiny socks.

Well, knitting and OUR charming selves, RIGHT??? :mrgreen:

Nope HE taught ME. :roflhard: I just couldn’t get the hang of it. He’s very handy. He does woodworking. So I asked for his help. He watched the videos, watched what I was doing, but we couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. So he learned. Showed me what was wrong and has been knitting since.

What’s funny is watching him knit while watching Nascar or Football. :rofling: :rofling:

O my goddess, if you click this link and scroll all the way down the second to last hat is so yummy! And if I’m reading this correctly he made up the pattern himself!!! I’m gonna have to write to him for it.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Another Male Knitter :cheering: :cheering:

And fairly new to the boards :happydance: