Any men here...just curious?

I was just wondering if any of our posters were men here? I haven’t noticed any yet but it would be nice to see that guys are knitters too. I can’t imagine my husband doing it. He’d probably get frustrated and throw the needles across the room in the first hour! :roflhard:

Yep – at least one!

I don’t post very often – mostly just lurk and learn.

Very nice! Thanks for replying and indulging my curiosity.

I’ve seen a few guys posting here.

My DH knits, but he’s SO not the message board type…LOL

lol says the guy who used his SECOND post to say he doesn’t post much! :rofling:

we actually have several guys around here though some of them have gone MIA recently…maybe it was all the boob talk?

no can’t be that! :rollseyes: :rofling:

i can’t imagine Boob Talk would drive a man away! :rofling:

But he joined in Feb 06… so he doesnt say much at all LOL

There are actually quite a few men, but they aren’t as chatty was we girls are. Imagine that. :roflhard: :roflhard:

there are a few men…I’ve noticed one in particular who went MIA…one who alleged abuse in a thread…maybe the blast of negative response he got sent him away with his tail between his legs? LOL! I love men knitters…seriously!

I am here. That is all. :XY:

See? Really chatty. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

You ladies do enough for us, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

US? Chatty? Whatever gave you that idea!?

no kidding! Its not like there are pages upon pages of chatting on this board!

[size=2]Just ignore the page numbers at the bottom of the main page.[/size] :shifty:


US? Chatty? Whatever gave you that idea!? [/quote]

That Smiley cracks me up. It looks like there kissing or something.

US? Chatty? Whatever gave you that idea!? [/quote]

That Smiley cracks me up. It looks like there kissing or something.[/quote]

:roflhard: This better?

Hi to all the men knitters out there.

I’v never seen a man knit. My husband could probably do it if he tried but he’d much rather watch soccer, surf the net or smock a cigarette. He gets mad that my yarn and needles are in the way. He doesn’t seem to understand why I spend time and money on such an uninteresting thing. I guess that he’d rather I did some more house work instead. :doh:

US? Chatty? Whatever gave you that idea!? [/quote]

That Smiley cracks me up. It looks like there kissing or something.[/quote]

:roflhard: This better? [/quote]

The link isn’t working. :frowning:

Not long ago I went to our area big book store and was going to look for EZ’s books. I wandered to the area where my feet have worn a track in the carpet and there, looking at the knitting books was a very tall bearded lanky bejeaned man!!! I left for a bit to give him time to continue his browse, but when I went back he was still there. I had a time limit ,being as the DH was with me, and so I decided that the man would have the share the small space with me. I asked him right away if he was a knitter. He looked startled, as if nobody had ever asked him that, and answered that he was. I immediately told him that one of my sons knits, wonderful imaginitive weird things and asked what his favorite things to knit were. He started to relax a little, thank goodness, because I was truly interested and think it’s great that some men knit. After all, men have every right to be creative too, and not all men are sports nuts or lumber collectors. I do realize that a sports nut or lumber collector could knit as well, but you know what I mean. I’m not one to pin catagories on anyone, but there is a general feeling out “there” that men don’t do such things as knitting. But I know that men were among the first knitters, of warm socks and things to wear in the fishing boats. But I digress… The man said he was looking for a pattern for a baby outfit and loved to knit hats. He’d designed his own sweater but hadn’t put it together. We commiserated on the loving of the knitting hating of the putting together thing. Anyway I hope he enjoyed our chat as much as I did. He was a lovely man, friendly and gentle, once he got over being afraid to be found out! And he was definitely a goodlooking guy, a real man, who happens to knit. Cool eh! I hope to run into him again sometime. samm