Any knitting machines that can make scarfs/hats easily?

Before I go on I know machines are probally not the best way and it makes more sense to go free hand (but I cant control the spasms in my body and there becoming more frequent so it makes holding stuff hard for me. This is why I want to use a machine. Anyways on to the question.

I want to make small gifts for my nephews and my family and stuff…

So is there any machine that can make scarfs and hats easily (i have seen 1 or 2 videos but I am not sure if there good or not)

I dont want to spend alot as It could be cheaper buying them…But I still want to maybe look into machines.

If anyone has ideas post the name and or video I want to see examples (or i will look up)

but i do need names and ideas…

Does anyone have ideas?

Most of the knitters here knit with needles. There is nothing wrong with machine knitting, so please don’t feel like there is. I googled machine knitting help You are most welcome here and we’d love to see things you’ve made but you might get better, faster answers at another site.

If I didnt have muscle issues I would do needle but I cant its hard for me to hold stuff now.

If you join, I believe there’s a few groups for machine knitting and quite a few patterns for them. Search in the ‘groups’ and ‘patterns’ tabs on the top of the page. I’ve run into one woman who has converted several patterns for machine knitting.

I would think that just about any knitting machine would be able to handle scarves since they 're generally long rectangles. However, I’m not sure about using a machine to knit in the round for a hat. Perhaps it could be knitted flat on a machine and then seamed up by hand? It’s certainly worth asking a knowledgeable person about!

One other place you might check for information on knitting machines is in knitting magazines. I know Knit 'n Style has reviewed knitting machines in the past. However, with that said, I wouldn’t recommend getting a subscription to a bunch of knitting magazines just for that purpose. Instead, perhaps you could browse through some copies at your local library or even flip through some at a news stand.

Good luck in your search for a good knitting machine. I hope you can find something you enjoy and that fits your budget and needs perfectly.

If you are able to make some items via a machine, please do post some pictures for us to see. Even though most of us here hand knit, we are very much interested in all things knitting!

There was a discussion here awhile back about knitting machines and it may have some useful advice.
You may also be able to pm some of the posters for more information and reommendations.

If you have difficulty holding the needles, you may also have difficulty threading a machine. Just a thought. I remember seeing posts about this knitting needle holder a while back. You might want to consider it before you take the plunge on a machine. I know for me, that’s too many parts. Things tend to break down for me. I can’t afford to fix them and I’m not mechanical myself. Anyway, check this link out and see what you think.

Knitting machines can be expensive and depending on what you are willing to spend. I got some looms at Wal-mart and they are round or long looms and they do a wonderful job with making hats and scarves and rugs or even table runners and socks. You can get them there or on ebay depending on where your located. They use regular yarn and even come with a pick to move the yarn. I hope this helps.

I bought this

is this good you think

if so which loom should i use the rectangle 1 or the round 1?
(scarves first)

Well, since you want scarves then maybe the rectangle. That looks very cool. I didn’t see an adjustable one when I was looking around! :thumbsup:

You could make a small loom from a TP tube. I’m thinking of a large coffee-can sized tube.

Cool Whip knitting loom

Knit flat on a round loom

Loom knit a hat

I didn’t watch all of them all the way through but I just might have to try some of these ideas.

I recall a knitting board one of my brothers had from school for knitting scarves for Xmas gifts maybe, homemade, it looked like a piece of wood with a jig saw cut out in the middle and finishing nails spaced around the opening.

GG she posted a link to what she got, bit I’m sure those will help with set up or patterns maybe.

Yes the Martha Stewart should work and there are books for knitting on looms. You can make a scarf on the circles also you just dont go all the way around the loom. The rectangle will make scarves also. The possibilities are endless and its something that is easy to do. Have fun I really enjoyed mine and my friend is usuing them now and she loves them and so does her daughter.