Any knitters in the Boise, ID area?

PM me or reply if you live in the Boise area and are interested in knitting together.


[COLOR="#300090"]That’s the general location of my big sister who knits and tats (probably crochets, too :eyebrow2: ). She’s an RN but doesn’t use the Internet that I know of. :roll:

She moved out to the mountains and I moved south. Thought I’d pop in and :waving: to ya.

–Jack :guyknitting:

Hey Jack! I just use the hospital as a landmark because most people in town know where it is. I am actually about a mile away. The mountains are great, by the way? Where are you from originally?

…perhaps that makes me a sylvan elf? :roflhard:

Welcome to the KH forum. :cool:

–Jack :guyknitting: