Any Knitters in New Orleans, Louisiana

Any one knitting in new orleans area

Who Dat!!

Hey I am not in New Orleans. NO is in my town now. I am in Baton Rouge. I just taught myself to knit around Thanksgiving and have been at it ever since. I am working on a dog sweater now. What are you working on?


There are my LA knitters! I’m a Cajun girl by birth…a little south of New Orleans (think Thibodaux/NSU area), but it’s all family to me :wink:

Last year I moved up to St. Louis, MO…startling how similair it is to downtown N.O.! I feel right at home up here, but true ‘home’ will always be the bayou for me :wink:

Anyway…nice to hear the knitting community is alive in the area…what are you working on?..Right now I’m in the middle of a GORGEOUS Kenobi jacket/cardi from this month’s KnitScene. Paton’s classic merino in dark grey mix…frickin yum!

Also got a couple of random side projects, as always…a freestyle tote in a couple of different Spring-colored Peaches & Creams…and other things that will probably never make it to FO status :wink:

I am in Houma. I am starting a baby blanket and some washclothes. Where do you get your stuff? Jo Ann’s doesn’t sell it anymore.

I’m in Luling. I’m a self taught knitter, combination knitting. I’m looking for other women to hang out with, knit, make new friends. Interested, let me know!

I use to live in Paradis about 16 years ago. I would love to get together. I don’t know anybody else that knits. I am also self taught.

Hey! I might be moving to NO soon for a job (keep your fingers crossed for me). I would love to meet people in the city through knitting. I’m an intermediate knitter working on my first actual piece of clothing (a tank top). I hope I get to meet some of you!

Okay, I’m bumping this because I totally got the job in NO and I don’t know a single person in the entire city. So please, New Orleans knitters tell me there is a SnB or if there isn’t is there anyone interested in starting one?

I’d really, really, really love to meet some people who I might have at least one thing in common with!

Hi! I’m on the Northshore and am a self taught knitter. My daughter and I learned on the internet over 5 years ago. Boy, these web sites have certainly changed!! The videos are way better!

Hi there…there is a SnB in Baton Rouge every second Tuesday of the month @ Knits by Nana. It is from 5p.m. to 8p.m. This is a great store.

I have been knitting for 21 yr., and I am 28 yr. old female born in Atlanta but grew up knitting in New Orleans. My favorite yarn shop are The Quarter Stitch and JoAnn’s I rarely go to Garden District Needlework on Magazine. I love knitting baby things like detailed blankets, hats ans booties. I just started Rasta hats that many family members have bought in different colors. Any type of hair can wear puffy hat. I would love to know more knitters.