Any kid knitting books? products?

My 6 year old niece wants [I]desperately[/I] to learn knitting like her Auntie T. The only problem is that I live an hour from her and busy schedules keep us apart most the time. I can show her some basics when I see her, but I’m not there to guide her the rest of the time so she gets frustrated. My dear sister seems to have been skipped by the family craft gene, so she can’t help her daughter much here either. I would love my niece to learn such a fun craft. I learned around her age, so I know its possible with the right encouragement.

So, are there any kid-specific books or videos that would help her in my absence? Any knitting products you would recommend for her age group?

My son has “Kids Can Knit.” It’s a great book, but would require adult help as it is not geared toward really young kids.

I really like the KLUTZ learn to knit kit - good book/pictures, yarn, needles, darning needle, crochet hook, button …

I needed lots of help learning to knit from books before I found this site and I figured if the book was suitable for kids, then I should be able to learn also :wink:

:muah:Thank you for the suggestions. Hopefully we can set her up with something and she can proudly knit her own scarf for next winter!

I have a bunch on my Amazon (gift)list in hopes of having a grandkid to teach someday. :teehee:

These are kids knitting stories not how to knit books, but they are so cute! She might enjoy these since she wants to knit. -
Knitting Nell
Shall I Knit You a Hat?
Martha Moth Makes Socks

Cute how to books -
Kids Learn to Knit
Knitting with Gigi
Kids Easy Knitting Projects
12 Easy Knitting Projects

Disclaimer - I know nothing about these beyond what Amazon says, but they are all rated highly. :wink:

Wow… thank you! This list will definitely come in handy. Hopefully you get to put the list to use someday too. :wink: I may keep a list myself for possible future daughters and sons who I hope inherit my craft gene. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can set up different lists on Amazon. It’s cool! :thumbsup: