Any ideas for cashmere

I ordered some cashmere from smileys and it came in today. :mrgreen: My fingers are itching to grab the needles and begin. However …

I’ve never knitted with cashmere before, soooo I only bought 2 skeins. Any ideas? A scarf maybe?

have you seen the book ‘last minute knitted gifts’ ?? mmmmm… really nice ideas and patterns for smaller, luxury knitted gifts.

I am forbidden to answer this kind of question… :smiley:

thanks b/c you only knit naughty things!

Maggie, why not try a scarf, but maybe make it something more involved than just a plain loooooong rectangle… put some ribbing or wavy edges (something reversible). You could also just use it as a part of another project; the edging of a bag, or the cuffs on a pair of mittens. A cashmere eyeglass case would be really cool, and it wouldn’t stratch your lenses! You could knit a whole line of small accessories that all match b/c of the cashmere!

LOL beldarann

Thanks for the great ideas. What a great reasn to buy the book :lol: :lol: , and I’m already looking for patterns that I can use the cashmere as accents.