Any halloween idea's to give kids

anyone have any patterns for halloween? lapel pin would be nice. am looking for something to make for my daughter’s classmates…thanks!@

Maybe a little toy or something? :think: I don’t know, but give this site a try…tons of patterns here!

How about these?


Oooh,ooh, Skullies! they look so cool and are pretty quick to knit up. trying to find them - will edit once I’ve found them…

here they are!

OMG those are ADORABLE. what a fabulous idea. and it begets many other little felted keychain ideas!!! THANKS!!

Here’s the blog from that cute pattern just put up on knitty

Lap-top knitter
I love those skullies! I took that same chart and put it on the front of a mitten!

Here is something I just saw and thought of you…

Am I the only one who thinks this little guy is terrifying? LOL!