Any good scarf patterns that works well with Boucle yarn?

I’ve been wondering about this for a loooong time :pout: , and just couldn’t manage to decide what I should do… :verysad:

This is Boucle yarn and it’s kind of wiggly, therefore any fancy stitch patterns wouldn’t show very well. :shrug:

What kind of scarf do you recommand for this yarn? :shrug: Lace? Regular stockinette? I also don’t want the scarf to look too dull…Like for instance plain stockinette. :pout:

p.s. if you’ve already seen a similar post like this before I apologize because my last post didn’t work out so well… so I posted something similar again… :verysad:

That wiggly yarn is “Boucle” I do think. I made several garter stitch scarves in boucle and the “twisties” in the yarn made for an interesting pattern IMHO~!! :teehee:

Yeah! that’ the yarn, I should have mentioned that! :teehee: edited my topic now :slight_smile:

I made a scrunchable with a variegated boucle. The pattern doesn’t show up too well, but it makes a nice scarf. I think yours would look even better because of the single, light color.

Thanks Ingrid! I’m trying to find some scarf patterns on the web that would work well.

No more suggestions? :frowning:

I made a bouclé scarf using garter stitch and size 19 needles. It came out really nicely, sort of like elongated stitch, only much easier to work in front of a movie, and it’s super long.

eta: omg I made that scarf a year ago!!! I can’t believe I’ve been knitting that long!

I made one with a sort of garter stripe pattern:
Rows 1-3: Knit
Row 4: Purl

This showed off the colors in the yarn a bit better than garter stitch, didn’t curl, and had some visual interest.

Thanks guys! I’ll try your patterns!:slight_smile: