Any Gerard Butler fans here?

Am I the only Gerard Butler fan here?? He was the star of the movie “300” but more my taste he was the Phantom in “Phantom Of The Opera”.

I’m a little obessed with him since seeing him for the first time on tv in June. WOW!!

Take a look…

He is awesome in “Phantom”!

I haven’t seen “300” yet, but have you seen “Dear Frankie”? It’s a really sweet movie and he great in it!



I first saw him in Dear Frankie and loved him in that. then i saw him and 300 and was like :inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove:

there should be a law that all men should look like that. yum

Lol, I sense that Quiltylady wants to be Mrs Butler. :slight_smile:

Just kidding my friend.:slight_smile:

You are great and we will have to admire him from afar.


NO I’m very happy being a “Mrs” already for 30 years to a wonderful man :muah:…but I am enjoying seeing "God’s handywork in Gerry!!:heart:

Did any one see his latest movie on tv recenlty called “Shattered?” It’s on TNT and will be on again in a few days. IT was VERY good. He’s in almost every scene and very good story line too.

Okay, back to the real world now. :teehee:

[FONT=“Georgia”][COLOR=“Purple”]ME ME ME.

Keep in mind this is coming from a teenage girl.
But heck yes.
You saw Butterfly on a Wheel? (I think it’s Shattered in the U.S., but I hate it when they change the title, so…) I really want to see it.
ZOMG Pierce Brosnan AND Gerry Butler IN THE SAME FILM makes me go squeeee! As in “I haven’t been so excited since I learned that Gerad Butler, that one dude from Love Acutally, AND David Whenam were IN THE SAME MOVIE where they did not put a shirt on for TWO HOURS” squee. :inlove: (300 was totally freaking AWESOME by the way.)

And if you haven’t seen Dear Frankie yet, GO SEE IT SOON. It’s a lovely film, and he’s smokin’ hawt quite exemplary in it. I’m actually thinking of making myself a pullover like the one he wore in the movie.

And he was workin’ that mask in Phantom. I loved him in that role. I love to listen to him sing. Very nice deep lovelygrubdroo… er, he has really good pitch. ::cough:: And that lovely black suit made me go= :blooby:

Big mucho grande squeeage goin’ on ova here. ::cough::[/COLOR][/FONT]

HI Trippy, YOu’ll love "Shattered’ because Gerry is in almost every single scene. I’ve watched it 5 times so far. :muah:

I do own Dear Frankie, Attila, One More Kiss and of course my favorite Phantom Of The Opera. I saw most of 300 but that is just not my kind of movie. IT was hard to "see’ Gerry under all that rough makeup.

Hang in there eventually you’ll see Shattered and love it. They should have kept the name “Butterfly On A wheel” for that movie…you’ll know why when you see the movie.