Any fix for a hat that's too big (all stockinette stitch)?

I’m making a hat for my aunt who’s lost her hair to chemo. I’m using a synthetic boucle yarn that driving me nuts! It’s just a pain to knit. I made a gauge, but the hat itself is still coming out too big. I have about 3" done and I hate working with the yarn so much that I REALLY don’t want to rip it all out and redo it. Is there some trick to fix it? I planning on sewing/crocheting some fun fur on the edge when I’m done. Can I sew it in there in some how so it will tighten it and make it smaller?



If you put a ribbing around the edge, on smaller needles, that should tighten it up.

So pick up at the bottom and add rows of ribbing upside down?


Thanks Ingrid! I’ll give it a go!

Have a good one,

Thanks again, Ingrid! I did that on two hats (don’t ask why I made TWO hats in a row, too big!) and it worked quite well. They both have a bit of a loose fit, though above the brim, so if that’s not someone’s style, don’t try this technique.

Overall, it was easy and a WHOLE lot faster than ripping the whole hat and starting from scratch.

HTH someone else. :smiley:

This was Elizabeth Zimmerman’s fix for sweaters that were too big, too. Sometimes adding a ribbing just pulls it in enough to make it feel better.