Any easy crochet dishcloth patterns?

I need a [B]really[/B] basic pattern. i can single crochet, double, and half-double. thanx!

You might try searching over at

There should be tons of them out there. Have fun! OODLEs of patterns~!:cheering:

Martha’s site has more crochet pattern links than you can shake a hook at, include dishcloths

Oooh! Nice link! Thanks!

the easiest I know:
chain 22 across (or however many it takes to be as large as you want)

1 starting 2nd chain from hook, single crochet across
2 ch2 turn, half-double across,
3 ch1 turn single across
repeat 2-3 12 times, or until it is big enough
single crochet around the edges, evenly spacing SC on R and L sides
fasten off

add decorative edging:
add ruffle: 2sc, 4dc in next, 2sc, 4dc in next around, working 6dc in the corners…

are you making dishclothes for yourself or as gifts??:think:

err…both! :teehee:

I put this on the other thread- but I got 2 great booklets at Michaels (with coupons, of course!) one is called Kitchen Basics in Cotton; and the other The Big Book of Dishcloths; 99 designs to crochet. Both by Leisure Arts. some of the pictures look a little dated- but if you update the colors of your yarns, the patterns are cute!

That’s probably my absolute favorite dishcloth pattern,and it’s VERY easy!! In fact, I’ve made SO many of them, I don’t even have to look at the pattern anymore…

This is the FIRST pattern I could follow successfully…and, what’s even better is that this pattern is VERY friendly to one’s wallet…( I can get two discloths out of one 2 oz ball of cotton worsted!!) - These are a lot of fun to make…and believe me, once you start making these, your family will beg you to keep them supplied…LOL…I Know this from personal experience…( You can get the nylon scrubbers for these at any dollar store- they usually come in a pack of 6 for a dollar!!)

Hope this helps!!


This is so cute!! Thanks!

You’re very welcome…If you’d like I can also share another link for a different style scrubbie…( My Mom REALLY likes the others better than the link I already shared…)’s_scrubbie.htm