Any cool easy patterns for a 12 year old?

Im looking for something to make that wouldn’t take long. :thumbsup: Thank you!

I’ve seen some cute patterns in the KnitGrrl books…might want to check there?

Otherwise, what about doing just a garter or stockinette stitch scarf or belt with a funky yarn (like fun fur or confetti or something like that)?

thanks thats a good idea!

i was looking at your signature also and I see that you are going to make fingerless mittens. Do you know how to make them or know of any book that does? I would be interested in that. Knitty has tons of patterns for kids!

Hi! You know what’s fun? Wrist bands. You can make them one color or striped and they feel neat to wear. The other thing is a headband if you would wear one. I don’t have a pattern for you but they’re all over the place. Both easy but you get to wear them.

Oh, here’s a pattern. But it’s on double pointed needles. Do you use those? You can also knit them on straights and sew a seam.

There have been a lot of fingerless mitts shown in the gallery of Whatcha Knittin. I have made a couple of pair of these with a few variations. I like to just do some K2, P2 around the palm edge instead of the cable thing again. They are easy to do. I’ve made them for my DD and both of her girls 12, and 14 and they were well received. Actually I made a different fingerless mitt for the 14 yr old, but she liked the mitts too.

My 12yo has been knitting her way through the book “Find your style and knit it too” It has a lot of simple to medium complexity patterns in there. She’s made the arm warmers, purse and a hat from this book.

I recently made my 13 year old some wrist warmers/fingerless gloves.
I knitted them so they had a thumb that was covered half way and the hand had no fingers but was knitted long enough to cover the first knuckle on her fingers. and the wrist warmer bit was nearly up to her elbow. she and her friends thought they were super cool. There are many free patterns like the ones on you can use and adapt how you want them to look. I just used a simple ribbing all along the arm stocking stitch for the hand and a couple of rows of rib on thumb and hand to stop the edge curling.

I have seen a TON of patterns for fingerless mittens and I have one that I got in a swap from a partner on Ravelry too. If you are on Ravelry, you can find tons of patterns…here’s a few from my Favorites page that I like:

Good luck!