Any Buckeye fans out there?

I’m hoping to track down a pattern for a Buckeye blanket for my boyf…

I’m a Buckeye fan!! However, I’ve found minimal knitting stuff for OSU. Here is a dishcloth: and I suppose you could knit some pattern in scarlet and gray and include this in the middle, or something like that. I’ll keep you updated if I come across anything good. :slight_smile:

O - H!

:teehee: we live in OH but we cheer for WVU… I made my dh a scarf and a pair of socks… I just googled knit graph paper, print it out, and then chart the logo… I made the scarf double knit so it’s reverse… the socks I put the floating WV on the side… :teehee:

thanks!!! :smiley:

Does anyone have ideas or patterns for hats, scarves, afghans, etc that can be used as spirit wear?

In my struggle to find Buckeye patterns, I came across this one…it’s really basic, but I like it (and I’m really new to this, so the fact that it’s basic may be why i like it:teehee:). It’s got 4 colors, 2 darker 2 lighter. I’m planning on using shades of scarlet for the dark, and gray for the light.

:happydance:That will be nice!! It would also work for the spirit afghan…