Any Baseball Fans?

My contractor husband just finished redoing the entire Nat Bailey Stadium, one of the largest and nicest ball parks in Canada, and according to the ball teams, the nicest they play in … it’s home to the Vancouver Canadians team … my husband only had 12 weeks to do this and he’s always done high end homes, never a stadium and the finished product was astounding … on Father’s Day they had Fandamonium for all the fans, first time for the public to see inside, sample the concessions, meet the players … then opening game was last night, the 19th (unfortunately the Canadians lost 8-4 to the Tri Cities team from WA state) … my husband designed a wheelchair ramp and VIP seating for the Mayor of Vancouver who is paraplegic, and got to meet him and escort him to the seating area … quite a thrill and wonderful recognition … my 17 year old daughter wanted to go to the Fandamonium last week however stayed out overnight at a friends and missed coming … here’s what she missed (boy was she :crying:!!)


how cool!!

How fun!

As a die hard Houston Astros fan, I know what great power lies in a amazing home stadium.

I STILL think the reason the Astros didnt win the World Series is because they had to leave Minute Maid Parks roof open. :roflhard::roflhard:

I bet your dh is proud to have been part of something so amazing!