Any advise about learning to crochet?

Im currently learning to crochet, any tips? I only know how to do a chain stitch. Any advise for self teaching myself? What websites are good for helping me to learn? And what is a easy pattern to do for my first object? Thanks everyone!! I haven’t been on knitting help for some time - I have been busy with school work. And I have been looking at the book I won at New Years… THANKS SANDY!

So thanks for try to help!


I recommend , a forum similar to this but focused on crochet, and with its own set of video tutorials. There’s also a large library of video tutorials the “management” has compiled that were made by others and approved by management due to the clarity, correctness, quality of video shooting, etc. at Crochetville.



On youtube search on learn crochet or something similar.

One of my abosolute favorites is bethintx.

Lots of people like this guy.

Go for it! Soon you’ll be wanting to do much more complicated things.

As for what to make, I always recommend something small like a dish scurbber or dish cloth. That way you can practice stitches, not worry too much about how it looks (it’ll be scrubbing dishes, for Pete’s sake), and have a finished product in short order.

If you get stuck, you can always come here and ask questions even though this is mainly a knitting site. Also, we like to see finished objects, so show off your stuff!

I would be silly not to suggest browsing around my website, Hooked On Needles! There’s a link on the sidebar for crochet and that’s where you’ll find links to all my videos, pictures, patterns and other crochet stuff.

I agree with Antares about starting with something small like a dishcloth, then perhaps move on to something like a scarf or a small baby blanket. Once you get proficient at a few stitches and keeping your edges straight and reading instructions, then a more advanced project would be fun and not frustrating!

Go for it!


Oh, good! I was hoping you would chime in, MGM. I know you’ve posted links to your site before and folks have found it very helpful!

Yes, MGM has a very nice site. It helped me quite a lot. Plus videos. And practice.

The dishcloth-idea is good. Chain some stitches, then practice the single crochet, then double crochet, you can make it into a scarf of experience. My first scarf consisted of all the stitches as I was learning them and looked not too shabby. Just don’t mix stitches in a row. At first.

When I wanted to learn how to crochet, I found that I could not do so from videos and books. I just wasn’t getting it.

So I posted online in my local classifieds, asking if someone would like to meet up at a coffee shop and show me how to crochet, and I’d buy coffee. I brought a simple pattern with me (granny square or something) and yarn and a couple hooks, and the lady showed me the basics. We planned to meet up again but never did, but she showed me enough that I was able to “get” it and learn the rest on my own.

That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

[COLOR="#154080"]… If I put out a classified advertisement.

Will teach crochet for coffee!

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But that is a good idea for how to find a teacher.

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