Any advice on yarn for feather & fan dishcloth?

For her birthday, I think I’m going to make my mom a set of feather and fan dishcloths, and a couple of nice soap sacks too. :slight_smile:

These are going to be more keepsakes than the actually use, so in light of that, would one type of cotton yarn be better than the other?

I’d appreciate any advice!! Thanks.

Sugar 'n Cream seems to be the classic dish cloth yarn–sturdy cotton, lots of old fashioned colors that always remind me of my grandmother’s kitchen. Hobby Lobby has lots of it, as does Michaels.

I think that would be nice, it comes in really pretty colors, too! What a wonderful gift :smiley:

For something that is more of a keepsake than practical, I love Paton’s Grace. It’s only a sport weight, but it works up sooooo nice. I’ve made a dishsoap dress out of it, and enjoyed every stitch. It has a great twist on it that helps to prevent splitting, and the yarn has a slight sheen to it that makes it look that much nicer.

Just my 2¢ CAN,

Lion Brand also has a kitchen cotton…Id get whatever’s on sale!

what is a soap sack?

You put soap in it and it acts like an always-there washcloth! Ing-a-ling has a photo of one she made–somewhere in the labyrinth that is this forum…

oh that sounds like a great thing to have!!