Any advice on making small things on a knitting machine?

I am researching the possibilities of producing a few of the things I knit commercially.
They are small (some parts only a few stitches wide and a few rows long), and I would need quite a quick turnaround.
As hand knitting is reasonably time-consuming I’m starting to look into using a small knitting machine, but know nothing about them.

What are the smallest things that they can knit?
How much quicker than hand-knitting are they?
Does anyone have any recommendations?

Any help/advice etc would be really gratefully receives, as I’m sure I can learn far more here than I can trawling the internet by myself!!
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

There are some machine knitters here but not so many. It may take a bit to get a reply but, be patient and good luck with your project.