Any advice for casting off pompon yarn?

I’m having trouble casting off a scarf in rico pompon yarn. The casting off is tricky with the pompons, and is much too tight. I have tried bigger needles, with limited success. Ant tips, please?

How much larger needles? Sometimes you need to go up about 4 sizes, then just don’t pull the yarn at all while making sts and passing them over.

I was just going to say, just do it very, very, very loosely, very, very, very “loopy”.

I found it impossible to cast off with this yarn so I have cheated but it works beautifully so this is what I did. I found some Elle Stretch yarn in the same colour and for the final cast off row joined it at the last stitch on the previous row and knitted the last stitch with both yarns , turned to cast off and used a crochet hook to take each stitch in turn and dc each one but, where the lumps are, I did an chain to allow enough thread to loosen the cast off to accommodate the lumps.
So basically it is dc, ch, dc, dc, all the way across and ch the last stitch and pull yarn through at the end to secure and thread the end through securely. I found this matched the other end beautifully. You may need to just lift the lumps carefully so the chain edging sits below them.
I used the off whit Pompon and the cream Elle stretch yarn and it is a perfect colour match. It would be best to try ebay if you want to get some as it is being phased out but would also be a lot cheaper.
I hope this helps. southseagirl

Thanks for this information. I just received Pompon from England (wish it was available in the US) & haven’t started to work with it yet.


Received this beautiful Pompon Yarn (company name is Rico) from England on Ebay. I am pulling my hair out & ready to raid the chocolate drawer because I spent 1 hour trying to figure out how to cast on & I can’t! I have been knitting for over 30 yrs. & this has been bewildered! I see some people had trouble binding off, also.

Please help me, please!:?? :?? :zombie:

Thank you,

Linda Goncher

Dear Linda, I hope this helps with you request with this yarn. Make a loop nearest the bobble this is the first stitch(bobble on the LHS of loop) move the next bobble along and then cast on another 2 stitches and move next bobble along etc. but finish the row with only 1 stitch after the last bobble. You need to be able to knit this stitch on the next row and carefully move the bobbles along as you knit the stitches keeping the bobbles at the back all the way across. As you knit each row the bobbles will automatically lay back and front on their own.

If this cast on method does not work for you, an alternative cast on method is as follows: Make a slip knot as before, then move the bobble next to it, then you need to twist the yarn to make a loop then place onto the needle, repeat so that you have 2 stitches then the bobble laying between and repeat all the way across but remember to have 1 stitch at the end. This will appear loose but once you start to knit the stitches it will all even out. Hope this helps you. southseagirl