Antique knitting needles

My mother and I found loads of antique knitting needles at a 2nd hand store a few years back. They’re all manner of colours, yellow, red, green etc. They’re similar to plastic, but not plastic. Kind of the precursor to plastic. Some of them are a bit bent from use and being 60+ years old. I was wondering if they could be used to knit with? They were pretty inexpensive to buy, we must have dozens (!) of pairs. They look pretty set in a vase/jar as a decoration, too. I can’t remember what the material was called, sorry, I emailed my mother to ask her.

I did that very thing when i first started knitting…
those were my knitting needles till i started doing projects that required sizes that i didnt have and then i discovered circular needles and DPNs. I bought a 24" US8 circular needle from Addi…its all down hill from there…long story short…i now own most all of the circular needles Addi makes…I still have the original set i bought at an auction, and occationally use them.
So i guess my answer is yes!!!

Googled “precursor to plastic” and came up with Bakelite. That’s what the needles are made of…

I know some bakelite items are worth something, but I don’t know about knitting needles. They do look nice in that vase!

I think they are bakelite (sp?) too.

I have some whale bone needles that were my great-grandmothers. I hate using them because they behave like plastic. But I can’t bring myself to get rid of them either. They are ivory/pale yellow colored.

May as well hang onto them, since they are part of your heritage and so the poor whale did not die totally in vain. I’ve inherited my mother’s uh, affinity for antique things heh. I have (!) Roman/Byzantian coins, Depression glass, an 1800s coin and some other stuff/junk. I’m not concerned with what the Bakelite needles are worth, I appreciate their beauty and potentially, their usefulness.

I hate straight needles, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use them. :??

Why do you hate straight needles?

I find knitting with circulars easier on my hands. Also easier to put in my bag or purse with less likelihood of losing stitches.

Ah, makes sense. What if you want to knit something flat though, like a dishcloth/scarf/???

I use them for everything. You just turn your work and switch hands like you do with straights. The first time you have to think about it, but after that it becomes second nature.

You can easily knit flat on circs and the weight is more even distributed when you’re doing larger projects like scarfs or blankets.

I agree. Circulars are much easier on my wrists.

they are bakelite
i would dearly love to own some these
the beauty of these needles is that give when you knit

My mom said maybe they will break if I use them for knitting :(.