Antique double drive not linning up?

This is strange, could anyone tell me why this may be? My husband’s grandmother gifted this antique wheel to me for Christmas, and everything seems in excellent order… Except the whorls and the drive wheel do not line up for a band to be able to work. Could the flyer/bobbin piece not be the original? Or is something warped that I’m not seeing? I’ve been staring at this for days trying to puzzle it out and haven’t come up with any answers :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Perhaps @mullerslanefarm can help with your spinning wheel.

Sorry @Jandy_Coll & @salmonmac, I didn’t get a notification for this!

@Jandy_Coll, this is a puzzle. It does have a working flyer . Hmmm.

Does the knob at the end of the table turn? If it does, does the mother-of-all move back and forth?

Can you ask if your husband’s grandmother ever spun on this?

It’s almost as if a mother-of-all from one wheel was placed on a separate wheel.

Did you get your answer from another forum? If yes, I’d be interested to know.

We appreciate your expertise anytime! Thanks very much.

It does look like the mother of all was not made for this wheel. Perhaps a simple solution is to turn the flyer and bobbin the other way so you feed in from the left. You would have to turn the wheel to the left to spin rather than the right. This may help the channels to match up better. Otherwise check out the website; Someone there may know more about construction and options. You may need a new mother of all or flyer / bobbin combo made.

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The bobbin and flyer doesn’t look like it fits the wheel. Are they replacements?

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