Antifreeze pattern for 10 yo

My little brother wants a ski mask in the worst way, so he’s getting one for Christmas. I’m having a hard time finding a youth sized pattern, and I found Antifreeze in KNitty.]

It seems to be pretty tight-fitting, but do you think it would work for a 10 yo? When he tried on an adult hat I made for me the face opening was way too big, and this face opening seems to be the same size, although the hat itself is smaller.
What should I do? Does anyone know of a youth sized pattern out there?

The above link didn’t work (too many extras at end of address)… here is one that should (hopefully) work better.

Is there a way to adjust the number of stitches to make it smaller? Different yarn? Different needles? :shrug:

I had a link for a child version, but I’ll have to find it… off to look…

Well, turns out they were for a younger child. I’ll link them anyway because sometimes if you see how it’s made you can do your own.

I also found this one, but there doesn’t seem to be a picture. I hate patterns without pictures! :doh:

I found when looking that they are called hoods, balaclava or helmets so if you want to search more… :shrug:

Thanks for all the help! After looking at the links, I think if I make Antifreeze a little shorter from the bottom to the face opening it should work. :slight_smile:

when i first saw the title of this thread, i thought to myself “you’re posting in the WRONG forum!” :roflhard: :roflhard: