Anthropologie Inspired Capelet -- small size for 9 YO

Hi everyone,

I was perusing the web today and saw a lovely set – an Anthropologie Inspired Capelet paired with the Hey, Mickey skirt from Knitty. Cute!

But no pattern link for the smaller size capelet (dd is wearing an 8-10)

Anyone have a link that might help? I think it was on Craftster but they are down til 9 pm.

I know someone from here posted about making a smaller one – Marykz?

Thanks in advance.


yep- it was me!

for my daughter (5) I used a worsted weight wool, and went to a size 10 needle. it worked PERFECTLY with no pattern changes! it is roomy enough for at least another year or so. I think many have done the same. using the worsted weight instead of the bulky I think is the key. that way no extra math is involved. (LOL) you may want to swatch with both an 11 and a 10 to see which fabric you like better with your yarn.

I love this pattern and have made several- it works up really quickly! let me know how it works!

(I also posted mods for a doll size)