ANOTHER yarn store is closing. :(

This is the second yarn store in my are that has closed this year…no third! Well…it’s sad but I got a TON of yarn 50% off!! Yes, this is the same store that had a sale a few weeks ago. Well, the owner decided that she never sees her family and so she is closing the store. I got 2 skeins Cascade 220 in Pear; 2 skeins of Tofutsies one in a purple/pink colorway and the other in a blue/green/purple colors; 2 skeins of Lang Yarns Jawoll Color Jacquard; 3 skeins of Cascade yarns Pearls; and 3 hanks of Cherry Tree Hill in pink, cherry and teal green. :cheering: All that for under $70!!

It’s not all for me though, some is for my secret swap pal in SP11. :slight_smile: I think I’m set with yarn for some time now!

Aw! Despite getting a good deal on some yarn, it is still sad that the store is closing. Did the owner try to sell it first? I know a local scrapbook store owner who realized that her retirement years and the “little shop that would be a fun distraction” was taking up too much of her time. She opted to sell it rather than close it. She simply posted a sign in her shop’s window that read, “This business is for sale. Inquire inside.” She sold it to one of her regular customers. It kept it going for another 2 years (before the new owner totally mismanaged it and over hired and didn’t keep the latest trends in stock.)

I would love to buy someone’s yarn shop if I knew it could be sustained by the local community. So much easier than starting from scratch.

3 yarn stores in the PDX area closed this summer too. What’s going on? Are people not knitting anymore? Has the “fad” of knitting bottomed out? Have we jumped the sharks? Oh NOooooooooooooooo

That is so sad…I only have access to 3 yarn stores here so I also shop a lot on line
but it’s not the same as being in a shop and having a good feel before you buy!!

Too bad it is closing!!! Whenever I see that an LYS is closing it reminds me to support the local owned businesses so they will survive… there’s nothing like going into an LYS and seeing all the different yarns and ideas. yarn I’d never heard of. yarn I’d heard of but never seen. colors that amaze. and so many ideas!!! I try to make a point to spend part of my yarn budget (!) there and not all online.

anyways- don’t mean to hijack- sounds like you got a good deal!

I’m sorry it’s closing, as well. :pout:

Lots of knitting stores have been closing these days. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why - I just hope the better ones manage to stay afloat.

We have the same problem. I think a big problem is many of us do a lot of our shoping online. It is sad :waah: that so many are going out of busness, but I go for the deals most of the time. I do buy some from my LYS, although it is about 60 mil’s from me. It’s about as easy to order it.

The LYS near me was going to go out of business, due to owner retirement, but someone bought the business last week, so at least one is saved. So their going out of business was changed to an inventory reduction sale…good idea because they didn’t seem to have enough of much of anything to make more than a scarf! They also display all of their stock by color, except for the cheap stuff. Just wierd.

When I asked her why she was selling, she said because she never sees her family. She works every weekend and when her kids come visit, she’s working. When her grandbaby was born, she had to close the shop. She said it wasn’t profitable enough to really hire some help. She said she loved it but missed her family and was tired.

While I got a great deal, I would much rather her stay in business.

My LYS is in an upscale area of Tulsa, and has been there for over two years. I’m thinking it will stay in business for a while yet, hopefully for a lot longer. The folks are pretty nice there, and they are willing to let you just browse, or help if you want. I like that. The prices are higher at the brick and mortar store, though.

That being said, I’m a bit intimidated by all the yarn. So many choices, too much sometimes, and I overload. Online I look at my favorite stores, and kinda feel like it’s smaller, and I know my way around a bit more. It’s probably not really that way, just a perception I have.

I do try to buy at my LYS on occasion, but most of the time I have to buy where my money goes farther.