Another yarn over question

I’m fairly new to knitting & I don’t understand how to do what my pattern is calling for it reads

ROW 2: P6, *(P1, yo, P1) all in next st, P9; rep from * to last 7 sts, (P1, yo, P1) all in next st,P6.

How do I p1, yo, p1 in 1 stitch? Do I pearl 1 stich & slip it back onto my left needle, do my yo and then pearl the stitch a second time?

To p1, yo, p1 in one stitch, purl as you normally would but don’t slide it off–then put the yarn in back and purl into the same stitch again. Then slide it off. You’ll end up with three stitches where where was only one.

Thank you so very much. As I was laying in bed last night I thught about doing it that way but I never would have known to put the yarn in back!
What an awesome site. I’m so glad I found this place