Another Yarn Over question

[COLOR=royalblue]I’m working on a project that has “YO K2 tog”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4169e1]I can do this fine using the wrap-over method with yarn in right hand, BUT I am working on knitting the continental method. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4169e1]I just can’t get it right when holding yarn in left hand.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]I get two yarn overs… I’m not wrapping it right.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4169e1]I’ve gone through all my books and can’t find a solution.[/COLOR]


Think of the YO as a knit st without your right needle inserted into a stitch on the left needle. Like making an `air’ stitch.

Ok…you may be working in left hand but why not grab with the right and see if you can orient along the lines suzeeq has suggested…? Just for that stitch I mean… it’s really just a muscle memory learning curve :slight_smile: Get the right to show the left hand :slight_smile:

Try the videos here… what you want is to bring the wool between the needles to the front of the knitting, then OVER the top of the right needle to the back (the sane place you normally have it to knit). Then knit. Watching the video over and over should make it clear.