Another Yarn Harlot sweater

This was posted on the Yarn Harlot’s website as she was working on it. Naturally it became VERY popular.

Here is the FREE pattern.:cheering:

Is anyone here making this??? What does eveyone think about it?? :rollseyes:

I’ve ordered the Kauni yarn from Denmark.

(There was a rumor on the Harlot’s blog that my local yarn store, Knitty City, had some, but it went fast; and Janette’s Rare Yarns on eBay got a shipment that was snapped up the minute it arrived – at least in the Rainbow colorway.)

After downloading the pattern, however, I decided I really don’t like the dropped armhole, the button band and the ribbing. So I’m planning an open-front cardigan jacket with garter stitch borders and indented or square armholes (which means knitting the sleeves from the bottom up and sewing them in, unfortunately).

The blocks-within-stripes patterns isn’t going to change, though – I love it.

There have been some comments on the Kauni yarn by various bloggers: several have said that it is rough and harsh. Fine by me: while a nice soft merino has its charms, I like the feel of “woolly” wool like Lopi and Heilo.

I have to say I LOVE the sweater. But it does seem like buying the yarn is a challenge. I think this pattern is beyond my abilities right now.:?? I’d also need it in a larger size.:oo:

I will keep it for “future” reference if I ever decide to make it.

I love it! It is seriously so beautiful. I don’t really know how to do the knitting with different colors thing, though. Is that what intarsia is?

Wow, that is stunning! :inlove:

Rachel, it’s fair isle, which isn’t difficult to do once you get into the rhythm of it.

It seems to be a very simple geometric Fair Isle, much less complicated than it looks. As Angelia says, it’s easy once your fingers memorize the pattern and you get into the rhythm of it.

The trick is to use two different balls of the rainbow yarn. The ball used for the background forms stripes; the blocks are formed by the contrasting colors from the second ball.

I suspect you could get a similar effect with other self-striping yarns such as Kureyon.

WOW! That’s a beautiful sweater. I, myself, would be scared to knit it…I screw up a lot!:grin:

Everybody screws up a lot. That’s why frogging was invented.
I figure that if you’re going to make mistakes (which are the flip side of learning experiences), you might as well make them on something you love.