Another VERY CONFUSED person

I have been knitting about ayear, so I am still relatively new. I am knitting the CeCe sweater by Chic Knits, and it is beautiful. I have reached my inc part, and I did a row wrong. It was a RS row. So, I took the whole thing out, all 169 stitches. I, for the life of me can not figure this out, how to hold it again. I need to have my little clip facing me for a RS row. If it is facing me, my yarn is on the right side. I am using a circular needle. My yarn, to start the row should be on the left, right?? For some reason, I can not get this right, please help me!!

No, your yarn should be on the right, knitting into the left needle. Mary

I do not know why this does not look right to me, thank you!!

Do you have a picture? Could you have put the needles through backwards or flipped the work somehow? It’s probably just a matter of adjusting,but I can’t quite visualize what you’re seeing.

Slide your stitches to the other end of the circ so that your yarn is where it’s sposed to be (coming off the stitch on the end, by the point, on your left needle) Now just check to make sure if you have the right side or the wrong side facing (bumps or vee’s).
It’s either that or just flip or turn your work so that the yarn is where it’s sposed to be.

I need to either flip or turn it, and for the life of me, I just can not figure this out. I know it is something simple. My lys open-knitting classes are not available this week due to a week-long weaving class. I am using a circular needle to by the way…

O hun, ya’ll don’t have to wait for your knitting classes, just take your project with ya to the LYS and I am sure someone there (either one of the employees or another customer) would be more than glad to help ya!!

Alright, I have this figured out…Thanks!!!