Another Tree of Life Question


I got through the Twin Trees section with Salmonmac’s help, and it looks great!

But now, looking ahead to the Flower Garden Section, I have another question. The first row says: **Row 1 (RS): Inc 1 in first st, p10, k1b (twisted knit st), p11; rep from , end, p1
Does this mean I should knit an increase into the first stitch, and then purl 10, or does it mean I should purl an increase into the first of those 10 stitches? I’m baffled.

Also, I’d like to make a swatch with [this pattern](file:///Users/dorisschmidt/Downloads/Knit-Pattern-Tree-of-Life-Afghan-70122AD.PDF) so I don’t make mistakes in the afghan that’s already underway. How many stitches should I cast on to make my swatch, so that it will be the right number for the pattern? I tried to work it out myself and came up with 48, but I don’t trust my attempt at math.

As always, thanks in advance for any advice you can offer - I’m so grateful to have this forum for my questions!

  • Doris


Very good! Looking forward to seeing this blanket.

You could probably inc as either but a purl inc would be preferable.

The link doesn’t work. Is the pattern you want to use the flower garden? Twenty-five sts would give you enough to work out the pattern.


Knit your increase then purl 10. (It is separated by a comma- so the comma indicates that the purl is the next step). I can’t help with the math thing- but it is pretty awesome that you are knitting the tree of life pattern- I haven’t had the gumption to try yet!


Thank you so much! And, just to make sure I understand row 1 correctly:

**Row 1 (RS): Inc 1 in first st, p10, k1b (twisted knit st), p11; rep from , end, p1

I purl a stitch, purl an increase into that stitch, and THEN purl 10 stitches?

I think this is going to come out really well (with your ongoing help), so I’m trying hard to anticipate any errors that could mess it up.


Thank you - I think you’re right about the comma, but I’m so afraid to do anything to mess this up!
I’ve had a few issues understanding the instructions, but this forum has gotten me through. The knitting itself is actually not difficult.
That said, I haven’t gotten to the dreaded leaves in the flower garden yet - that’s why I want to troubleshoot by knitting a swatch first.


Increase in that first purl stitch (maybe a purl front and back), then purl 10. You will have used 11sts and after just this part, you’ll have 12sts.

There is a tutorial for the various steps in the blanket. Here’s one that may help with the flower leaves.

And here’s a video for the dip stitch.


Thank you again!