Another sweater question- decreases on sleeve

It’s me again… I swear, one day this sweater will be finished and I will be so happy!!

I am now working on the sleeves. The pattern reads:

Rows 1-9: knit across

Row 10: knit across increasing 6 sts evenly spaced using M1: 61 sts.

Beginning with a knit row, work in stockingette stitch decreasing one stitch at each edge every other row twice; then decrease every fourth row, 4 times: 49 sts.

blah blah blah- my question is- what kind of decrease do I need to do- the book that my pattern is in shows how to do k2tog, ssk and slip 1, k1, psso, and 2 different purl decreases. I understand that the different decreases slant different ways, but I’m still not sure what way I need it to slant- as dumb as that sounds!! :oops:

:thinking: Hm. I’m surprise the pattern doesn’t specify where to use each dec. I think we’d have to see a pic of the sweater to give an informed opinion. :?? But have you checked out Amy’s Decrease Page. She has a picture of what all the decreases look like. Maybe by seeing all of the decreases, you can see which one matches the sweater’s pic. :?? Just a thought.

Hi margie, :waving:

I usually use SSK at the beginning of a right side row in stockinette stitch, and K2tog at the end of the row. This will make the decreases lean “in” at both the right and left edges.

BTW - you might want to do the decreases one stitch in from the edges instead of right on the edge. It makes the edges nicer for seaming up.

Happy Knitting (and decreasing) :XX: :XX:


Thanks- I decided to just jump in and I think I kind of figured it out. Mary, I did do the stitches that you recommended. (Although, I read your post after doing 2 rows of decreases, so I had already done them right on the ends.) Maybe I’ll do the other decreases I have coming one stitch in? I really don’t want to rip out what I just finished…what a learning experience this sweater has been!! I’ll be glad when it is done, just so I know I can do it!!

Okay, I am forcing myself to “just put the knitting DOWN” and go do the gazillion other things I’m supposed to be doing today, like laundry and cleaning, etc!!