Another Swallowtail!

I love this pattern, but I am getting a little tired of it! I made this one with Knitpicks Chroma (fingering) using size 7 needles. The colorway is New England. The first picture was taken at a restaurant with my cell phone, so it’s not very good. I used beads in lieu of the nupps. I have made a couple with the nupps, but I really prefer the look of the beads. The nupps are also hard on the fingers, IMO!

Oh my! That’s an absolutely scrumptious shawl!! I know those things take a long time to make, and to think that you’ve made more than one . . . wow! No, really, WOW!! Very very impressive!

Ohhhh so beautiful!!


Really spectacular! Really. The yarn looks wonderful in this beautiful pattern and I like the idea of the beads. That’s a nice twist.

I’m speechless!
That’s what I call impressive.

Love it, love it, love it!! That’s positively scrumptious! :yay:

Wow! The shawl looks fantastic! Love the colour as well!

Really beautiful shawl and spectacular colours!

Ooooooo la la! I am in mad love with this new Swallowtail! Love love love the colorway, and how it played out! Great work!

Love It! I wish I was that good:)

Wish I thought I’d be able to knit shawls one day. Can’t seem to read charts well-and the lade weight is so difficult to keep up with for me. Good for you–they’re beautiful.:cheering:

Welcome back, Ellen! We haven’t seen you around here for a long time. :thumbsup:

All I can say is just gorgeous and the colors are great!:muah:

the consensus is unanimous. beautiful!

Gorgeous!! :balloons:

That is not an easy pattern. I’m impressed that you’ve made more than one! Beautiful work!!!