Another stockinette question

I haad another post that i was going to make a bracelet like this


with <and> being the stockinette stictch
o being eyelets made by a k2tog yo
and | both bind off since im using a provisional cast on to mke the >< behavior.

but they told me to put a border on the sides because it would curl. so i decided to put a border where the eyelets go. but i didnt want a border on the side so i was wondering if i could do a different border: 3 stitches of reverse stockinette. Would that stop the curling from the side? or is there any other way to stop it from curling?

If you put a border of rev st st on the edge, it probably will curl up on itself, and that might actually look kind of cool. Worth a try.

Thats what i thought! but will the stockinette curl? i think not. i want the reverse stockinette to curl not the inner stockinette. and wich way does stockinette curl from the right side(with the v’s) or the RS?

I’m sorry for being this honest, but I don’t think you’re going to get quite the dramatic effect you might think by doing the provisional cast on and having the 'V’s going in opposite directions. I think the difference will be barely noticeable. Have you considered any other stitch patterns that do not have the tendency to curl, and then not having to do a border at all??

OH i thought it would :crying: but thanks for warning me and not letting me do all that for nothing :thumbsup: Anyway have any ideas of any stitches besides garter, ribbing or stockinette? I know a few but dont know wich one to use.

Maybe an attached i-cord? They’re super easy to make, and they look good!

You could do a seed stitch or moss stitch. They look cool, are easy, and don’t curl. :thinking:

Here are a bunch of stitch patterns to check out, too.

wow thanks Ingrid! but those are a lot! any ideas or sugestions?

How about something like this:

Not your typical rib, and it says that it lies flat right in the pattern. Also kind of suitable, since I know your recipient is a guy - this pattern doesn’t look too girly.

Thats not a rib, its stockinette unless its somewhere in the page i cant find :thinking:

Sorry, I fixed the link - somehow I copied the wrong one :oops:

wow thats kinda cool! but you see, i dont want to make it horizontal but vertical you know because i am not sure of his wrist size and since its not a surprise i thought i could measure the wrist as i go along

The one that I linked could be done vertically or horizontally. If you want to do it vertically, you just cast on a small # of stitches (the pattern says a mult of 6 stitches) and work until it is the length that you require.

ok thanks i love the stitch! oh and by the way i love your grey and pink socks :thinking: i think id like them better if they were grey and blue but the point is you like them so :smiley: anyway how many stitches do you think i will need. I dont want to make it too skinny because it would look girly and seeing that its for a man