Another Starburst question

Okay knitting gurus, can anyone help me with this one? I’m ready to knit the sleeves on my Starburst Sweater. I’m supposed to pick up 72 stitches around the armhole. The problem…I seem to only be able to get 54. I’m not sure why that is. I hesitate to make the armhole bigger (rip back side seams). I actually have really small arms, so I’m less worried about it fitting as I am having it look right (i.e., having the drape and fit it should).

What should I do? Could I pick up 54 sts, and then increase to 72? Should I rip back the side seams? Is there a way to pick up more sts? (I just picked up one sts for every sts on the back and one sts for every slipped edge st on the front).


:thinking: Maybe you can pick up a stitch in between two stitches evenly spaced around? Or you could increase on the next round to 72 and decrease from there. I really can’t say if knitting from the 54 will have a negative effect, though. :??

I wouldn’t rip back the side seams for this, though. You could, I suppose start with the 54 and knit even until the decreases would have given you 54. If you have small arms, it might even look better. If it was my sweater, and I couldn’t get all the stitches picked up, I’d try it and if it didn’t look good, try it another way.

Thanks Ingrid! You’re the calm voice of reason, as always. :smiley: I’ll try it with the 54 and see how it looks. If I don’t like it, I can always rip back and figure something else out.