Another Socks/footies Question

Okay, I have this pattern, see link below. When it says to “shape toe” does that mean that I have to bind off what I have done and start over with the toe pattern, or I continue where I left off with the regular pattern??

Also, it doesn’t state whether we use circular or straight needles (that I can tell) so any help on that would be appreciated also.

Thanks much.

‘Shape Toe’ is just a title for the following instructions for shaping it. Usually it’s just decreases, but on this pattern it looks like you ‘shape’ it by doing ribbing, then you finish off the sts by running the tail yarn thrugh the live sts like a drawstring.

It sais to use a ‘pair’ of needles, which are straights, but you can use circulars and knit flat. Another clue is in the Finishing instructions which say to seam the edges.

WOW!! Thanks so much for the pattern tips!!!

I don’t like knitting or crocheting anything that doesn’t have a picture. Esther’s website has been around for a long time. I’m sure these are fine patterns. But according to the announcement on top of her home page:

This site was voted the
8th most boring website in the U.K.!
This website is best viewed with a cup of coffee.

Sounds like something the site owner put up for a chuckle.

Okay, taking a closer look at this pattern. This slipper pattern has been around for a long time, at least the 1940’s from what I’m reading. I remember doing these for the 4H Club project in the early 1960’s. Here’s a website with the exact same pattern with pictures that will better explain how to do it. This is an oldie but a goodie pattern. It’s great for quick Christmas gifts.

Edit: Looking at this pattern, though, they adapted it by adding the toe decreases. I wouldn’t decrease, just keep doing the ribbing straight, run the stitches through with a yarn and tapestry needle, draw it up, and sew up the toe seam. They’re putting more work into this classic than needs be done for a beginner.