Another question on reading patterns

Ihave another question the directions are unclear and i have gone to my mother who has been knitting for a couple years but can’t figure it out either.
Beginning at crown, cast on 9 sts.
1st row: K1. (W1.fwd. K2) 8times
2nd row and alternate rows: purl
this goes on for 13 rows expect the number of stitches you knit after W1.fwd. goes up by one. at the end of the 13 rows it says there should be 65 sts. on the needle but mine ends up at around 37 i can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. PLease Help

??? I can’t get past where you cast on 9, but are expected to k1 and then k2 eight times. Even without the w1.fwd. You’d need 17 stitches on the needle to even just do the knit stitches.

Ya got me! :??

yeah ididn’t understand it at all

I did a search and the only time I could find that phrase was when someone on a help site asked a question about it. I didn’t find any answers, though. Usually a pattern has an explanation of what it’s directions mean. Was this an online pattern or printed?

a printed one i can copy the first part out if you like but i have gone oveer it for hours and it isn’t making any sense

Ok. Very new to knitting but what does W1.fwd mean? In looking at this, it sounds to me like some type of an increase…maybe like a yarn over. If it is an increase then starting with 9 is just right. It would mean an increase before each of the 8 knit stitches. Does this make sense or am I reaching here? :thinking:

Yah - I’m stumped with the “W1.fwd”. Maybe it means “Work 1, yarn fwd”, with “Work 1” meaning K1 and “yarn fwd” meaning the usually “yarn forward”. In such a case (K1, yfwd), the yfwd would be equal to YO since the next st is a knit. Does the pattern have picture? If my theory is close, then the fabric would have small holes in it. :?? :thinking:

Or how about:

Wrap 1, Yarn Fwd. :?? Hmmm…

Wrap 1 = sl next st onto RN, bring yarn fwd, sl same st back onto LN, k the st
Yarn Fwd = YO

??? Hmmm :thinking: ??? You’d still have holes though…

HI. I’m back. I’m assumming that this is some type of hat. I tried what I said in my last post and came up with a very lacy looking row. Again, I am probably completely way off here, but this is what I did:
cast on 9 :
k1, (wrap yarn over rt needle frm back to front and over the top then slip this stitch to the left needle, knit this new stitch and the next stitch), 8 times.

This will give you 17 stitches at the end of the row. Which, in making a hat starting at the crown, it makes sense to increase at you progress.

I am only guessing that W1.fwd means to wrap the yarn 1 time. hope my rambling helps. If not and you do find the correct way to do this, I would very much like to know what it is. Good luck. :thinking:

My only concern with your solution (and for all I know you may be right on the money) is that the original post said that from the 9 stitches you would be up to 65 after 13 more repeats.

So that would be 56 increases over the original 9, divided by 14 rows would be 4 increases per row, not 8. ???

With so many hat patterns out there, it’s more academic now, I’d imagine.

thanks so much for all the suggestions have tried almost all of them and still can not get enough stitches on the needle as the pattren requests. I do know it is possible as i was going through my mother old knitting projects and the hat was one of them, only problem she doesn’t remember how she did it.

Well, here are a bunch of baby hats that we could probably help you with!